Sep 27, 2014

Mexico: The Delayed 4th Property


District Properties are normally added to odd numbered districts and we thought something wasn’t right when District 7 didn’t have one [1]. If you compare the Mexico Map images from the time before Districts 9 and 10 were released to now you can see Zynga intended to release the the Lucha-rena with District 7, Mazatlan. On the map the property icon now appears over District 7 and the property instructions state that you need to complete a District 7 job to unlock it. We originally thought that this property was automatically unlocked for everyone but that is only the case for players who already mastered the job [1]. If you have already bronze mastered the 3rd job in District 7 there won’t be any fanfare for unlocking the Lucha-rena and it will be ready for building and upgrading. Stay tuned for more details on this property. Thanks to Jo Gilliam for finding an account that could still produce the popup.


1 comment:

  1. And given the 'plot' of the district, and the collection that came with it, it makes extra sense that this property should have opened at the same time as the district. Someone was having programming difficulties, that's for sure. I'm glad they got it figured out.


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