Sep 19, 2014

Lucky Break 2


Three months ago we were graced with the Lucky Break card collection event [1]. The event wasn’t bad because there were no limits on the number of Cards you could collect from the feeds. Zynga has changed that so now the event is going to require more strategy. Last time all we had to do was blindly scan the news feeds and there were plenty of cards to go around. Because of the limitations you could find yourself short on Cards. Zynga also threw in the option to purchase cards but you can’t be guaranteed to buy the one you may need because it’s based on luck. The details on how to play this event as well as the changes and rewards are shown below.

Comparing the instructions from the 1st version of the Lucky Break you can see the nerfs in black and white. There is a FAQ but it’s for the last one. Zynga should update or remove it as it will confuse players. If they took the time to change and nerf this feature then they should take the time to write a new one. I would have loved to copy and paste my old walkthrough but here I sit.
The first thing you need to do is reveal your Lucky Card. Once you do you will get 21 of them and the option to share.
If you share by generating a request, you will earn 5 more Cards when others click on your requests. You will be able to ask for 5 more every 2 hours and the good news is the Cards will not be your 'Lucky' one.
You can't tell what Card number you can get from these request but in theory it should be random and therefore divided equally if you are lucky enough to find a live one.
Now you need to go scan the news feeds for requests like the one shown above. They are capped to 5 per person so unless you use a bot scanner you may not get many. The majority of your request will return ‘The maximum amount of players have already collected from this feed.’ message. It’s beyond ridiculous but Zynga thinks we should be able to get 60 of these requests per day. During the last event there was no limit. With all the news feed issues Zynga has no business releasing an event like this.
When you have enough Cards to vault a set, click the ‘Play Now’ button on the home page banner to get the building page.
From here you can generate another type of request and that one is limited to 10 per day.
The color of this request image corresponds to what level item you vaulted (bronze, silver or gold) but the requests all do the same thing so it doesn't really matter.
Once you vault a set, the Cards needed will be shuffled so they won’t be the same for each vault. I needed Cards 3, 1 and 4 for the 1st vault and now I need Cards 6, 2 and 5.

Before Vault
After Vault
Your lucky Card number can be shared with your mafia again and this time the request will say what the number is. It’s best not to blindly scan these requests. Use the Stream Scanner and filter the Card you may need. Once you get 10 for the day you are cut off regardless of the number.
Zynga should word this differently as it’s confusing. You can see I’ve reached my limit for Card Sixes yet I have 0 of them. The reason is I’ve already collected this type of feed 10 times and it was just unlucky that none of them were actually Card Six. At first I thought it was a bug and I’m sure others will too.
There are a total of six of these types of requests in the news feeds but you can only get a total of 10 of them combined. If you messed it up today like I did wait for tomorrow to filter the one you need. You won’t really know which one you need until you’ve asked for your Card and collected the others.
To scan for the generic feeds, use the search option on the Stream Scanner. I typed in ‘Give to’ and used the Link Text. Since there are so many of these requests and they are capped at 5 clicks, it’s best to use shorter scans.
If you really want this loot Zynga added a purchase option but it comes with a twist. You can’t just buy the Cards you need, you need to spend 2 reward points and spin for them. I need Card Six but as you can see I didn’t get it. I’m not playing this game and will just be happy with what I can get for free.
The event lasts for 5 days and each day the reward will change. If you can get enough of the right Cards you can vault up to 5 of each tier per item per day. You do get to keep all of the ones you vault as you won’t lose the items of lower mastery. The rewards for each day are shown below.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5


  1. "Collect up to 60 Cards by clicking on your Friends' Feeds and up to 10 cards from your Friends' Brag Feeds."

    60?? I won't get 6 the entire event -- IF I'm "LUCKY". BOTters win again!! Thanks again, Z, for thinking of us manual/real old school players. :-/

  2. Old one was way better, you could collect a lot more cards

  3. sucks wont be able to get them today

  4. i havent collected anywhere near 60 cards and all i get is, You have reached your limit for collecting Card One....Two....Three....Four...etc, and have only built 2 items and cannot build another with the cards i have.....looks more like a rp draw on this event if you want to get any items

    1. It's the same for me. Really frustrating.

    2. I have not used any of mine today just collected them I am now being told I have collected all of mine for today yet when I count I only have 41 cards (21 of these are what I started with) so have only actually collected 20 cards. What is worst is that two of my cards (1 & 6) I only have one of each, and two more I only have tow of each. I am sure everyone can guess what are the most cards I have collected, thats right the same as what I was given 21 to start with. I can collect 1 of each today and no more with only two cards that I actually have more than three off.
      I am sure there are people who have faired even worse than me but it just goes to show that even Zynga can get the amount we are allowed to collect right so have no chance of progressing without having to buy them with out RP's. Or maybe thats what they intended and the 60 you can collect is only possible by using RP's.


  6. It's horrible I have not been able to collect a single card and when I do get the chance it tells me I have maxed on my collection.How can I be maxed when I have none?

  7. You could collect more cards from everyone's posts but it was completely random...and the BOTters totally won out.

    With the second (and current third gen) one, you get the same card your mafia member posts, i.e. if you collect Card 6 for the day, five of your mafia collect Card 6 when they click your post.

    So if you need six of Card 1, you have to find six people who collected Card 1 for the day. If five people in your mafia collect your post and they have Cards 1, 2, 3, 4, and get Cards 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 in return.

    You can collect 10 of the "upgrade" posts, but you have to choose carefully - collect only the ones that you actually need. The posts say which of Cards 1-6 you can get.

    As for clicking on posts, you can click on enough of them to get five of the Gold level item and at least 3 of the Silver item before you max out. You'll have to rely on your mafia for the remaining items if you want to vault all three items five times.


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