Sep 21, 2014

Lucky Break 2 Breakdown


As demonstrated by the 2nd chart below, you need 126 Cards to build all 15 items for the 2nd (and nerfed) version of the Lucky Break. The total number of Cards you could possibly acquire for free each day is 151. In theory the math adds up but in actuality you need to be very lucky to make it happen. The reason being is the Cards you can ask for and accept from the feeds (with the exception of the 10 bragging requests) are random. In a perfect world or randomness, probability would dictate and you would get 20 of each Card type from asking and clicking. Even if you find this to be true you already got 21 of your ‘Lucky’ Card so in the end you would be left with 41 of this Card and 20 of the others. Just because you have a lot of these Cards doesn’t mean they will even be needed. In the example below none of the Card combinations needed to vault require my ‘Lucky’ Card so it really isn’t very lucky. You can filter the bragging feeds to select the Card number you are short but the feeds which reveal the number are limited to 10 total and not 10 of each. Even if you did this you still won’t know which Cards you need because they are shuffled after each vault. Other things which make getting the maximum number of Cards seemingly impossible is the fact that one would need to ask for Cards exactly at 12am PDT and exactly every 2 hours after that to get 60 from asking. The feed scanning bots also make finding 60 active generic requests nearly impossible. It’s like a battle of the bots because even players using bot are having issues because of the other bots. This event is a big mess and the 2 factors described above encourage and reward script abuse. To make things less stressful, I’ve decided to be happy with 1 item of each. Zynga wants us to use their little spinner at 2 reward points a pop and I’ve done that on an alternate account for a blog post. In theory you should be able to get the Card you desire 1 out of every 6 spins and that didn’t happen for me. In my opinion the thing is rigged and even if I’m wrong you only get 1 Card but you need many more to make a loot item. No loot item in this game is worth 12 reward points, even the precious Harbingers [1].

Action Cards Time
Reveal 21 1 Time per Day
Ask 60 5 Cards/Request/2 Hours
Generic Feeds 60 Per 24 Hours
Bragging Feeds 10 Per 24 Hours
Total 151

1st CARD 2nd CARD 3rd CARDTotal
Bronze 1 1 1
Bronze 2 2 2
Bronze 3 4 4
Bronze 4 6 6
Bronze 5 8 8
Silver 1 1 1 2
Silver 2 2 2 4
Silver 3 4 4 8
Silver 4 6 6 12
Silver 5 8 8 16
Gold 1 1 1 13
Gold 2 2 2 26
Gold 3 4 4 412
Gold 4 6 6 618
Gold 5 8 8 824


  1. This is a horrible event, I actually loved the first Lucky Break

  2. I experimented using RP and decided that I would only do this for the early levels after collecting my 10 free cards- I don't see why you would want to collect eight of each card to get the same loot item that costs one of each card at the start. The bots are 24-7 on the feeds and I haven't snagged a single card from generic feeds since the first day. This could be a fun event but it has been nerfed to the point of being an annoyance. Another ZYNGA FAIL.

  3. I use my cards, get gold items and if I have any left over get the others. Never get close to being maxed but thats fine.

  4. The amount of brain power Zynga use to fook(nerf) the event/s. If only 10% of that power is used to make the game better. MafiaWars will be a much better and fun game.

    1. This game will never ever become fun again... no matter what Zynga does... the reason you might wonder? Let me tell you... S - C - R - I - P - T - S

      And yes... EVERY single script user will tell you something different... that scripts "saved" the game... but that's only because they are zombies now ;) Script zombies, stuck in The Matrix where everything seems perfect... but they can't see that they actually ruined this game and Zynga is now just milking players for money with an endless stream of stupid events... and when people stop spending, this game will be killed in a second. It's not Zyngas fault... they just do what any company would do... allow it to earn money... they know that if they kill scripts... they kill the game... and it must still be worth it for them to keep the game alive :)

      The zombies need to be unplugged and return to the way things used to be... back when the game was script free and FUN ;) But as long as everyone (except for a few people) believes scripts are the saviors of MW... things will never get any better than they are now... no matter what Zynga does or doesn't do...

  5. No way to play this game at a high level without scripts. There aren't enough hours in the day to burn through stamina or energy if you've been playing this game for years. Scripts have changed the game no doubt but the fault for what this game has become rests on Zynga's shoulders. I agree the game was better for me back when the game was script free but that when I was also a level 350 and I could bun through my stamina in a hour or two. Not going to happen now. Zynga banned scripts and the paying players would quit. The game would end that much sooner in that case. Just enjoy what's left while you


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