Sep 24, 2014



We told you it was coming yesterday and Zynga wasted no pushing another property in the game [1]. The Laundromat is the 50th Global Property and the 45th Limited Time Property. This one comes with a new addition to the feature. A Limited Time Bonus Level was added and if you can get there it offers a limited time item available for crafting. As expected the ‘Ask’ timer is 8 hours. The 2 hours ‘Ask’ timers from the Oil Rig was most likely an experiment that failed miserably for Zynga even though it was a winner for the players [1].  The upgrade and reward structure remains the same for Levels 1-15 and an additional 69 parts are needed to get to Level 16 bring the total number of parts needed from 471 to 540. The details of this property and an updated property chart are shown below.

Despite the extra level, the timer for this event remains the same.  You get 16 days to beg for free parts and Gold+ VIP subscribers get 21 extra days.
The individual parts needed to upgrade the Laundromat are Non-Skid Tiles, Treated Lumber and Reciprocating Saws. Each “Any Part” request will yield 6 parts in the order shown below. You can also make 1 “Individual Part” request and get 6 specific parts. Each type of request can be made once every 8 hours. You can get 4 bonus parts by scanning the news feeds and clicking on build and upgrade brag posts.
Here is a closer look at the unique building part for this property. Zynga could have been more creative with this one. Tiles are kind of boring.
The following chart outlines the number of parts needed to upgrade to the next level. Levels 1-16. The ‘Bonus Level’ requires the same number of parts as Level 15 so 69 extra parts will be required to fully upgrade the property and unlock the temporary level. 

Non-Skid Tile [0/0] Treated Lumber [0/0] Reciprocating Saw [0/0]Total
level1 1 1 13
level2 1 1 13
level3 2 2 26
level4 3 3 39
level5 4 4 412
level6 5 5 515
level7 10 10 1030
level8 11 11 1133
level9 12 12 1236
level10 13 13 1339
level11 15 15 1545
level12 17 17 1751
level13 19 19 1957
level14 21 21 2163
level15 23 23 2369
23 23 2369
Total 180 180 180540

To beg for parts try the Link-a-Nator 2. It auto-updates and is ready to go. The images are static so Don’s Derby is featured but it works for all Limited Time Properties as long as your ask buttons are active.
l9l10When you are all filled up on each part, it’s time to build to Level 1 or upgrade to the next levels. The popup displays the rewards you get for upgrading to each new level. Once you upgrade to Level 6 extra parts will stop dropping and the partial energy refills change to partial stamina refills until Level 11..
1611The reward for upgrading to Level 15 is a 50% energy refill and a Filthy Press which has stats of 310/224. You won’t get any extra parts to help you get to Level 16.
As stated above you need 23 of each building part to go from Level 15 to Level 16 which is referred to as a bonus level and will only be around for 30 days after the timer expires. For getting there you get a 50% energy refill and the ability to craft the Wardrobe Critic which offers +7 skill points to be used in which ever stat you prefer. 
The Wardrobe Critic will only be around for 46 days and Gold+ VIP subscribers will get 5 extra days. You need to get there before you can craft so realistically there will only be about 35-40 days for players to craft this item.
The bad news and nerf is that speeding up the timer for this item will cost 14 reward points instead of 12. This makes that extra skill point not as good of a deal as it sounds unless you are only interested in the free one every 18 hours. As far as speed building in bulk the cost will come out the same as the standard +6 items (with the exception of health). Zynga always finds a way to makes things less desirable than they appear.
The reward breakdown is shown below. The energy and stamina refills are a percentage of your total energy pool and will go over your max energy if your pool is at 100%. These refills can also be stacked on top of each other but once you level you lose what you don’t use. For this reason you should upgrade when you aren't close to leveling or when you need it to level.

Non-Skid Tile [0/0] Treated Lumber [0/0]Reciprocating Saw [0/0]
level1 5%energypoint_thumb[3][4] -- ----
level2 6%energypoint_thumb[3][6] -- ----
level3 7%energypoint_thumb[3][8] -- ----
level4 8%energypoint_thumb[3][10] -- ----
level5 9%energypoint_thumb[3][12] -- ----
level6 10%staminapoint_thumb[5] 1 11
level7 20%staminapoint_thumb[5][4] 1 11
level8 20%staminapoint_thumb[5][6] 1 11
level9 20%staminapoint_thumb[5][8] 1 11
level10 20%staminapoint_thumb[5][10] 2 22
level11 30%energypoint_thumb[3][14] 2 22
level12 30%energypoint_thumb[3][14] 2 22
level13 30%energypoint_thumb[3][14] 3 33
level14 35%energypoint_thumb[3][14] 3 33
level15 50%energypoint_thumb[3][14] 0 00
level16 50%energypoint_thumb[3][14] -- ----

Always share your build and upgrade requests with your mafia so they can collect additional parts. As most know, the game will tell you the limit is 3 but it’s really 4 additional parts you can collect every 8 hours. The timer on these extra parts is a little tricky. They are timed from the last one you collect so if you don’t collect all 4 at the same time they will be spread out over the 8 hour period. Posting multiples no longer works as it was nerfed 7 properties ago [1].
The loot items available for crafting Levels 1-15 are shown below.

Levels 1-3: No Skill Points
Levels 4-6: +3 Energy
Levels 7-10 +4 Defense
Levels 11-15:+5/+6 Stamina
The chart below features all 45 Limited Time Properties to date and the items you can craft. The Wardrobe Critic is not listed since it will only be around for a short time. If sorting is desired, use the
Property Manager 3.

laundromatlaundryman starched washedwheels
fireworksfactorycindervest fireant pyrotechnician
oilrigtoolpusher oilslick troubledwaters
pizzeriasleazyslicer pizzaporter deliverygirl
lastresortsaunamaster doctorfish rushedrelaxation
amusementparkringabell paradepenguin bumpacar
stockmarketstocktrader ragingbull stock-er
printingpressrustyshaft newspapertruck pressoperator
diamondexhibit jewelthief whitesmite sterlingshot
icehotel iceslice icesculptor snowbrace
skatepark skatestar crashsliderbrokenskateboard
operahouse nightingale argyleberet concertgrand
donsderby derbyhelmet racehorse derbyrider
greenhouse pollenatoruprooteroldprune
pitlane torxwrench skyhawk motorhead
arcticbase xtremeskigloves acidice arcticexplorer
demolitionlab powerslide fusionbomb demolitionwoman
shamrockpub pintopoison snakeskinvest bareknucklefighter
cagefightarena cageragegloves slashgauntlet cagefighter
hangar prunejuice skyhopper hopchopper
assassinsacademy deathfromafar cornershot assassin
toystore lifesizerobot toymaker
ciderhouse brewmaster cidertruck
cemetary caretaker mummy
botanicalgarden maneatingplant botnist
dojo nunchucks sensi
bikerclubhouse mamacita frontdoor
tadsgunshop fallenangelarm flanger
venetiancondo italianhousekeeper perini-r
sportsbar paddedjersy sportsfanatic


  1. what crap 30 days for all this crap i usually finish 5 or 6 days early but damn no will i do another level for just 30 days drop dead zynga

    1. What a plonker it is no wonder that you want to be "Anonymous"
      The fact is Zynga doesn't mind whether you do or you don't.
      By not leveling up to level 16 (assuming u get to level 15 in 6 or 7 days), you stand to loose (again assuming you collect once a day) +/- 40 days you stand to gain:

      Attack strength increased by 1360 + 280 skill points

      I'll be adding level 16 to my inventory as soon as I can.

    2. your an idiot Colin you stupid jerk

  2. For me the sad part is that I can at best get to level 13 on an 8-hour timer. The only time I have gotten to 15 was on the 2-hour timer. And even then I had to expend RPs to do it. So an extra level is just rubbing my face in it.

    1. You need to increase your mafia, this will put you into a better position to receive more parts each time you ask.

    2. Colin, there is a limit of helping 5 mafia friends, so adding more random mafia is unlikely to help.

    3. Definitely get more mafia. I have 4939 and can get to level 15 easily

  3. Running a wall feed scanner will also add 4 more parts every 8 hrs. Just running those parts alone get you to at least a level 8

  4. Well, if you can barely make level 15 then it certainly is not worth an extra 138 RP to get to level 16 for only 30 days. What a complete rip off.... you'll only gain 30-40 skill points, which can be had for only 30-40 RP during double build time....

  5. So for those that have never stood a chance in getting a limited time property up to level 15, without Craftmania, they have no chance to get the laundromat to level 16?

  6. I have decided to no longer build any properties until they bring out properties with a permanent 7 skill points. I can generally get to level 13 during the initial build, and then complete it during craftmania. But why bother? For slightly better crafting loot? It is so not worth the effort it takes....

  7. since i have reched lvl 14, i only get parts when i ask for non specific parts ... all my posts for specific parts turns into "All rewards from this feed have been claimed" and i get nothing for it ..thats a damn roadblocker :/

    did somone else have this issue?


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