Sep 23, 2014

ILLYRIAN 5th Birthday Blood Bath Mock War


The ILLYRIAN Family is having a Mock War called the 5th Birthday Blood Bash. Zynga is sponsoring the event and all participants will get a Double Eagle. The event will start on September 28th and end on September 30th. Registration is still available and I will update this post with the deadline once I know what it is. 




  2. After seeing the line up of families involved in this, it is one of the most lopsided line ups I've seen in quite a while. If you are on the Red team with Illyrian then you will have an easy time in this 2 day mock, other wise, prepare to be killed a lot

  3. ^ re: lopsided. I totally agree. My opinion, the only fair mock so far was MVL. The other ones screw one side big time. Or some douche bag in the hosting family attacks you to see how it goes and if you win, you end up on their side.

  4. It's pathetic how some clans will use what is supposed to be a 'fun' event to try and get revenge in a war and other petty issues.

  5. The worst mock war ever been. Sitting on one player. Some have gotten loot, some have not ? ...


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