Sep 6, 2014

How To Hoard City Property Parts


When ever I mention the strategy of hanging on to your Mexico property parts I often get questions or see comments wondering how this is possible. In order to ask for more parts in the game you have to have a property that needs parts and is not eligible for an upgrade. If you have enough of a certain part for the next upgrade you can’t ask for more and can only ask for parts you still need. If you don’t want to upgrade your useless properties you can still ask for parts and get up to 5 every 18 hours by using the Link-a-Nator 2 by Team Spockholm. A refresher is shown below.

As you can see from the images below there is no way to ask for more parts. The Hacienda and Pasaporte Office are ready for an upgrade and the Carne Shop is fully upgraded. For those who want to save their parts for the next property in Mexico
To launch type any part of Link-a-Nator 2 into the search bar of the Spockholm Mafia Toolbar and click on it. link6
Click on the Mexico Property Parts icon.
The property parts page will load and list all 5 parts along with some stats of how many you have and how many you need to upgrade the 3 properties. Select the part you wish to ask for by clicking on the red name link.
The request will be generated and you can post it to your wall.
If for any reason this doesn’t happen you can copy your link and re-post it or create a short link.
If it’s been less than 18 hours then you won’t be able to proceed. Check the timer and start over once it expires.
We don’t know what the next property in Mexico will be or even if there will be another one. There are 5 slot holders but as we saw in South Africa that doesn’t guarantee a property will be made for each one. By looking at the parts required for the 1st properties it’s probably safe to assume you will need to hoard a maximum of 81 for each part. Although the 10th level for the Pasaporte Office has yet to be unlocked, we can calculate the parts needed based on the pattern of Levels 1-9 [1]. One of the parts will probably only require 36 but until we know which one that is you should have 81 of each on hand before you consider upgrading the Hacienda and Pasaporte Office. Of course Zynga likes to throw a wrench in this strategy by requiring us to upgrade properties for the Mexico City Missions [1], [2]. These Missions aren’t timed so the choice is yours. I’m not that patient so I usually upgrade when required for a Mission.

p1 81 36 36 36 81 270
p2 36 81 81 81 81 360
p3 81 36 81 81 81 360
Totals 198 153 198 198 243 990

If you think that someday Zynga may add a 5th property to South Africa you can use the method above to ask for more parts. I used the chart in this post and based on the number of parts required for the 4 existing properties in South Africa, collected about 100 of each part and then stopped. If another property does show up I’ll be prepared but if it doesn’t it was a waste of time.


  1. you must be bored

  2. Not at all. I've gotten so many inbox messages asking me how it's done. Just because you understand something and this doesn't help you doesn't mean that everyone does. When I get repeating questions about something I know its time for a review post.

  3. I think that hoard would be better word to use than horde. :)

    1. Thanks, I guess I had the Walking Dead on my mind :)

  4. all my properties in mexico are fully upgraded(accident) as far as they can go at the moment and no spinning wheels so you dont need to hold back slightly to ask for parts with linkanator 2 ,as it will still be able to post fo more :)

  5. well thank you from me anyway always nice to have tips


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