Sep 22, 2014

Don’s Offer


The next Marketplace Gimmick has arrived. The Don’s Offer is a special deal on reward points but it’s not the same on all accounts and many accounts don’t have it. The gist of it is you can make a one time purchase of a predetermined number of reward points and they are 50% off the original price. As far as deals go it isn't a bad one. I’m a little confused by it all because I don’t have the offer on my account. It states that you can ‘Claim the Don’s exciting offer for the day’ and then it says you can purchase it only once a day. Will it be offered for more than one day and what is up with the 2X on the reward point image? Do I get 2X the reward points or is this a Zynga way of saying that the offer is 50% off so you get 2X the reward points you normally would? And what is the Stranger from the Exclusive Swag doing on this banner? How can he be a stranger if he starts showing up everywhere? Is this guy a Mafia Don or is his name just Don? So far we have only found 3 offers offers but their could be more. I don’t know if this is a slow rollout or if Zynga is only offering it to select accounts. Thanks to Shu and Jo for the screen shots. Please comment if you find other offers.

donsoffer3 donsoffer1donsoffer2


  1. Doesn't seem like a great deal to me. You are averaging between 8-9 RP per $1. If you wait for the 63% Game Card redemption bonus (which usually coincides with the 50% RP sales) then you can avg 13 RP per $1.

  2. zynga has been offering "deals" to select accounts since 2009.... and the accounts that get the best deal are the people who never spend..... my account has bought points many times, yet my wife and son not once; they ALWAYS get a better rate on these things then I do.... when you ask zynga they say it's random..... I've asked multiple people in my Family and every single person who didn't spend money always had better deals.....

  3. Seems like these only get offered to either low levels or accounts that are low on reward points, all my minis have the popup but not me


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