Sep 3, 2014

Direct Arena Link


Unless you don’t use scripts, on rare occasions it may be necessary to actually go to the Arena page. As I’m sure you have experienced this is an annoying process because you have to leave Mafia Wars and basically load a whole new page. If you want to open a new Arena tab then you have to go to Mafia Wars first and wait out 2 page loads. It wouldn’t be so bad if the page loads weren’t so painfully slow. To bypass the going to Mafia Wars first there is a direct link that will take you right to the Arena. Bookmark the link below and use it whenever you want to go straight to the Arena. Thanks to Team Spockholm for creating a link that will also load you in a unframed page.



  1. I avoid going to MW's arena page like it was the black plague

    Kathie E

  2. It is impossible to go directly to the arena page with my account. I have to press the craft button, and once that loads, go to the arena to play.

    Lynnie C


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