Sep 26, 2014

Desert Voyage Crates


Desert Voyage Crates are now available in the Marketplace. The good news for those who still purchase Crates is you can get them cheaper than normal because of the Marketplace Promotion and event better news is there is also a Crate Carnival promotion going on. There has never been a better time to buy crates but the bad news is they will become obsolete soon enough. No matter what the stat we recommend never spending reward points on loot. The only thing worth your hard earned reward points is skill points. A voyage sounds much better than a war but I still don't care for the theme of the loot items themselves but that is just my opinion [1]. More details are shown below.
Crates normally cost 12 reward points each or 3 for 35. For the next 5 days you can get them for 8 reward points each or 3 for 23 due to a Marketplace Promotion.
crate10crate11To see what’s inside these crates, click on the help mark.
crate12Here is a closer look at the items. As always Crates are listed by their drop probability on the help page but that is different from the quality shown on the individual loot pages.


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  1. Is the Treasure Hunter achievement still obtainable?


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