Sep 4, 2014

Collectable Stat Cards Set 35: The Simple Life


The 35th Set of Collectable Stat Cards is now available and with it comes the 7th round of Stat Card Stakes. This one is called The Simple Life and it is very simple. Take what you can get for free and don’t spend your reward points on more cards because they are not a good deal. We would never want this feature to go away because we can get in excess of +60 skill points for minimal effort. Free cards drop from jobs, fights and robs at the rate of 1 every 2 hours and you can get up to 3 per day. If you are so inclined to spent about 1,800 reward points to get the entire set, the loot rewards for doing so are shown below.

Individual Series Completion Rewards
All Series Mastery Item


  1. Another Zynga lie, the items drawn are not in Inventory check yours !!!


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