Sep 5, 2014

Boss Fighter II & Combo Breaker Review


The release of Districts 7 and 8 in Mexico brings 2 new Boss Fights and many players asking what the combos are.  As explained in previous posts, there are hundreds of possible ammo combos so posting one that was unlocked by Player A isn’t going to help Player B. It’s essentially a waste to do this and it will confuse players who don’t understand how the feature works. We can’t tell you what your personal combo is but we can tell you how to figure it out. It’s been posted before and all the information you need is in this Spockholm Forum thread. Because of all the questions a refresher on how to use the Boss Fighter II and the C-C-C-Combo Breaker feature is shown below. For a general review of how the Mexico Boss Fights work, go here. Many thanks to Jo Gilliam for working on the optimized list of combos and helping me with this post.

Before we get into the meat of combo cracking here is a review on how to use the Boss Fighter II Spocklet in Mexico. To get the Boss Fighter II to work properly you need to tell it what to do. This isn’t a on and off type of script and many have issues programing the attacks.

Boss Fighter II

Step 1

When a Boss Fight in Mexico is active, type any part of BossFighter II into the Spockholm Mafia Toolbar search and click on it to launch.
Step 2

Click on the link that corresponds to the district that your Boss Fight is in. In this example I am in District 8.
Step 3

Select the boss by clicking on the circle to the left of the name.
Step 4

If you are going to use stamina, don’t forget to check the ‘Power attack’ box or your fight will take 5 times longer. If your fight requires the maximum amount of stamina it costs 150 for each attack and a Power Attack will use 750 stamina per hit. If you don’t want to use stamina you can select any of the combos as shown in the next step.
Step 5

Once the boss is selected it’s time to program your attacks. First you need to tell it what type of attack you want (combos or stamina). Then you need to tell it how many attacks you want it to do. I’m using stamina in this example so I clicked ‘Stamina’.
Step 6

You need to program each attack so if you want it to be the same as the last until the boss is dead click on ‘Repeat last’, enter 0 (or how ever many attacks you wish to complete) and click ok.
Step 7

Once the attacks are programed, click start.
Step 8

Wait for the attacks to complete. The Boss Fighter II will also heal you as you drop below the threshold. You can sit there and watch it, work on something in another tab or window or go outside.  
Step 9

Once the boss is defeated or you run out of stamina, the script will stop. The popup will appear in the same manner as if you performed the fight manually.

C-C-C-Combo Breaker

The most efficient way to use Ammo is attacking in the Red Combo sequence. Zynga will not give that to you unless you unlock it by guessing or spend 25 reward points. You can haphazardly take guesses or use the C-C-C-Combo Breaker feature of the Boss Fighter II. To find this go to the configuration page by clicking on the wrench icon.. Click the C-C-C-Combo Breaker link to launch.

Step 1
 Step 2

Copy the codes in the text box below. Although there are many more possibilities than the ones listed here, this list is optimized because repeats are removed and they have all been verified as working combos. You only need 18 of each Ammo item to try them all. It’s very important to copy this exactly how it appears. Many players have issues in Chrome because the carriage return is required after each comma. This step can be done before or after launching the feature.

Step 3

Once you are armed with your code and the Combo Breaker link is clicked, you need to paste them into the box. It’s important to start out with an empty box so if you have codes sitting in there from previous fights or attempts, clear them out. Once your box is empty paste the codes you copied in Step 2 in the box and hit ‘OK’
If you did everything right, the codes will appear in the queue. If they aren’t there you did something wrong and you need to start over. If you have issues in Chrome, move over to FireFox.
Step 4

Once your codes are programmed into the queue click the start button and the Boss Fighter II will try them until a combo is found or you run out of ammo items. If you are unlucky and your combo isn't one on the list then you will need to start over and try a larger sequence chain. These can be found here
Once the combo is found it will remain on your boss page and can be programmed for use in the Boss Fighter. You can do this for the Yellow Combo (a different set of codes is needed) but it’s really not worth using more ammo items. The combo you find is only good for the boss you were fighting at the time. It will work for all 15 Boss Fights but with each new boss you have to find a new combo.
Now that your code is available for use, you can use it. Instead of programming stamina like we did in Step 5 of the Boss Fighter instructions above, click Red Combo and repeat the desired number of times. The only thing to remember here is that you need to have enough ammo items or it won’t go. Using ammo to attack does a lot more damage than stamina and the damage doesn’t depend on your skill like the stamina does. All players will do the same range of damage using ammo.

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  1. Jen, I did not have any luck with the above list of combos, I did however get the red combo using this from Spocholm.....



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