Sep 23, 2014

Arena Smashup End Game


Today is the last day to compete in the Arena Smashup Event. Since rewards for the previous day can’t be claimed until after 12AM PDT some have asked what will happen on the last day. As mentioned in a previous post rewards aren’t automatically granted and you must travel to the Arena to claim them [1]. If the event were to expire when the current timer runs out this wouldn’t be possible. According to the FAQ, Once today’s timer expires there will be 3 days to claim Day 7 rewards and redeem Arena Tokens. Once the 2nd timer expires you lose tokens that you did not redeem.



  1. Good riddance... got placed with the best people and never won a single reward

  2. I usually got 1st or 2nd, but it was tough. The other active member of my clan has gotten nothing but 1st because she was the only one that did more than 1 arena a day, and only 2-3 others did arenas.

  3. I didn't always remember to go to the arena to see if I had won any, so I also say good riddance.
    Kathie E

  4. I placed 3rd Sept 23 & have yet to receive my tokens so I can redeem them. Wouldn't be the first time Zynga has ripped me off.

  5. How know the name of the daily special rewards - I lost miy note - in this case I can't control if they are in my inventory - have all days the leader (of the gang) ;-) thx 4 ur reply - looking fwd to read from you

  6. And no rewards were granted the last day! I couldn't get the final 8 points to make 75.

    1. Same here they appeared after i redeemed another set appeared so i had the 75 they screwed me by saying i need to redeem now to claim prize. After i redeemed 29 more showed up which would of put me enough then some. grrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. Before this event, I consistently got first place in both shootout and mob fury arenas. During the event, I seemed to always be dead last and got sh*t ratios, despite the number of boosts I used. Now that the event is over, I'm always first again, without boosts. How is this possibly a fair event? I got absolutely NOTHING out of it.

  8. Little Unknown Fact : When redeeming for Arena Smashup, wait
    and play arena shootout again to get more tokens then the token earned show. They give 2 days
    after to redeem before forfeiting Tokens . It seems they are slow at delivering tokens. So when you get a pop up it says redeem wait to be sure . If you do redeem early the other tokens don't appear till later you get screwed out of having enough tokens for the grand prize the Bear . Grrrrrrrrrrr

  9. I have 3 tokens spare which I cannot do anything with. I know Zynga have said we just loose them as they cannot be carried over but why not give all the unused tokens to the respective G/F or G/M of the family to which they were earned in.


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