Sep 4, 2014

Arena Loot Generation 21


The 21st generation of Arena loot is now dropping in Shootout and Mob Fury Arenas. The high stats range from 240-241 and won’t be useful to all players. The latest round of VIP loot has high stats of 243-245 [1]. These loot updates devalue VIP loot as there are 5 overlapping categories. It’s no coincidence that Arena loot updates always happen a few days after VIP updates. There are 2 attack animals in this update so one of them will be obsolete when you max on the other.  A closer look at all 8 items is shown below.

All Players
Top 5,000 Global Respect & VIP Players


  1. you should mention 1 day that vip does not prevent one to be killed by nonvip, see you later!
    i like that crap

  2. I already can't use any on the new Arena loot that wasn't VIP. Sheesh. And I am someone who left for 7 months from November to June of this year, so I am still catching up.


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