Aug 22, 2014

Thank You Item for Mike Nestor: Rebel's Ride


Love him or hate him, we all know that Mike Nestor does a lot for the community. Zynga is recognizing his contributions by giving him a loot item called the Rebel’s Ride. Mike goes by the name ☠Яεᴃεɭ☆ᵯ♠ŋ☠ in Mafia Wars and if you look closely at the it says ‘RebelMan’ on the windshield.  Without his diligence, we would be doing a lot more footwork to grab the daily links. He puts these together every single day (unless he is in jail because of a bar fight) and posts them on our fan page and is always there to help his mafia, his family, our site and Zynga. This item can be found in the inventory but Mike is the only player to get one. It was nice of Zynga to do this and hopefully it will motivate Mike to keep helping us. You may not hope so when you see him in your players updates but this is after all just a game!



  1. Ohhh so not fair! I wanted a rebel's ride and was willing to pay for it!
    I was crossing my fingers that it wouldn't be some boss fight loot but something I could actually get my hands on, lol

    Zynga that's a do over, put that mother in the market place so I can get 1, 3 or 10, please!

    And Mike, well done big guy, we all love you and everything you do for us all :)


  3. While I'm happy for him... would've been nice if we got it too

  4. Very cool car, Congrats Mike. Thanks for all you do

  5. well done, Mike and i do so appreciate the links

    Kathie Eager

  6. have that in my inventory to with the same as mike in his pic OWNED: 0


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