Aug 28, 2014

Slaughter Season: 09


Slaughter Season: 09 is now on and it comes with a big nerf. Instead of 2,000 Pennants required in the previous 8 seasons of this event we now need 3,000. This translates to about 6,000 ices instead of 4,000. Players fighting on the fightlist for the Berserker Blitz event will kill 2 birds with 1 stone but this is the most painfully slow way to get Pennants and we all know what happens when too many players use the fightlist at the same time. The rewards and their new milestone markers are shown below.

The rules on how to earn Pennants haven’t changed and are as follows. You can earn 1 Pennant per every 2 ices in the Arena so it will be much easier. You get 1 ice per 500 stamina in the Arena so each Pennant earned in the Arena will require 1000 stamina. The number of Pennants from traditional fighting is based on the difficulty of your opponent. The Easy, Medium and Hard identifiers compare your attack skills to your opponents defense skills. Ice Medium and Hard players to get more Pennants but you may find that more stamina is required to ice these players. You get 1 Pennant for every Easy opponent you ice. The lower your attack skills, the more Medium and Hard players you will find.
The milestone rewards are shown below. They will appear on your Arena rewards window. Like Ice Seasons, once the season expires you will get your badge and loot reward. The badge you earn depends on which level of mastery you were working on when the event expired and the loot reward depends on which level of mastery you completed. Here is a closer look at the 5 items and the one you get won’t appear in the inventory until after the season expires.
Here are the milestone rewards. The rewards themselves didn’t change but the number of Pennants needed to get them and the number of items did. At least the extra requirements come with extra rewards. +17 skill points and +12 reward points is much better than the +11 skill points and +9 rewards from before but that's only if you can get them.
For comparison, here is what the reward breakdown was for the previous 8 seasons.


  1. I am having trouble rapping my head around this one ... I saw so many complaining that they were unable to get the 2000 pennants last time and now its 3000 yet the rules haven't changed.

    Zynga that's a do over!

  2. The arena might be faster but the 1000 stamina needed for 1 pennant is not good.Fighting my stamina per ice is between 200-300 and if I get hard targets I get way more pennants but at least 1 so its just better. It is slow as heck though.

  3. In the past I could have collected 2k pennants 3 x...
    I dont fight in the arena, just fightlist and average get abt. 175 pennants per 100 ices. That means, I need less ices than I get pennants. Today I collected 1100 pennants...

  4. 3000 pennants achieved in arena in 2 days

  5. I'm without words. There is no way to get level 5 Diamond without the arena and tons of RPs. Zynga you are making this game stupid. I am going to stop and just do my Mexican fights for the missions. To heck with your BS.


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