Aug 4, 2014

Silverio Fallaci Coming Back Soon


Zynga announced on their fan page that Silverio Fallaci will be back [1].  If you recall Silverio Fallaci was the 2nd Family Boss and was introduced to us about 3 years ago [1]. We don’t really care who the next Family Boss is, the real question players should be asking is if the actual fight is going to be different? It’s rather suspicious that it’s taking so long to get a new one [1]. It’s also suspicious that they state Silverio has a ‘different kind of fire in his belly’. There are so many things wrong with the Family Boss Fights and Zynga has been changing things up lately. Hopefully they remember to update the loot. It’s hilarious that the elusive ‘Grand Prize’ that so many were upset they never got has stats of 202/202.


1 comment:

  1. I hope he comes back in Mexico on a Boss Fight in District 8 or 9 that's currently locked at this time.


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