Aug 7, 2014

Secret District 36: Dirty Laundry Coming Soon


UPDATE: About an hour after this post the Secret District became available. We will post a walkthrough soon.

The 36th Secret District is on the way. It is called Dirty Laundry and will be in Chicago. This means there will be plenty of Bandits to drive us away. We haven’t had a Secret District in almost 4 months [1]. We could also see a Pay To Play Secret District and if we do it will be Rocks In Rio [1]. The boss is Launa Washington and there may be a few changes as the server image for the Boss Fight instructions is different. All the loot and server images are shown below.

Job Banner Images and Loot
Boss Fight Instructions

By comparing the 2 images below you can see there are differences. There is no mention of combos and a bonus reward is mentioned. Instead of saying ‘It’s a whole New Boss Fight’ it says ‘Arm Yourself’.
Last Secret District Boss Fight Instructions
Boss Fight Images & Loot
Mastery Popup & Loot
sdmastery1sdmastery2sdmastery3sdmastery4 A blog post about Dirty Laundry would not be complete without this song. Us older players will remember it!

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