Aug 19, 2014

Operations Event 17: Bangkok Venture


Bangkok Venture is the 17th Operation Event is should be called Bangkok Bore Us To Death! This one is no different from the last one except Zynga added Rand back into the currency equation.  The currency was recently changed from Rand to Pesos and now most of the jobs offer Rand. We have 10 days to get 15 Operations completed with the help of our mafia. For those who want an extra challenge, the helper limit is capped at 150 Operations per day. The Operator by Team Spockholm will help you get there.  If you need help with your Operations, join the Italian Files Operations Group to get it. With so many events requiring energy and stamina it may not be easy to get help. Thankfully the gunners are out there and eager to click on your jobs! For a detailed walkthrough of this events works, go here. The loot rewards are shown below.

Leader/Helper Rewards
Mastery Rewards


  1. operation events are the biggest waste of time energy and stammy. Why would anybody do this stupid event?

    1. Darren Fozzie FoskettAugust 19, 2014 at 8:54 PM

      Loot and Ratio.
      We're not all vip and the loot offered helps us keep up.
      If you want to look at the bigger picture... The whole game is a waste of time and energy, but yet we come back every day. Some just set scripts and some try to max all aspects of the game.
      To each their own.

    2. Well said Darren. My thoughts exactly!!

  2. The Mo Hawk car here is also a VIP helmet-armor. When I win the Mo Hawk in an Op, I see the helmet icon. Only when I click on the icon do I see the car.

  3. This is new. Finished mediums, and with the hards, a chance to do one of the mediums again!

    1. That's a common Operation bug. Sometimes people get 5 extra ones. they don't help with mastery but they are just there and you can do them or ignore them. If you should just have the 5 mediums you have to do those for credit then you will get 5 more hards. If you already did 5 mediums than those are just extras.


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