Aug 19, 2014

OMERTA V Mock War Prizes


The OMERTA V Mock War is now over but participants are still waiting for the special loot item [1]. It was added to the inventory today so it should be soon. The other sponsors of the event have passed out their prizes and the winners are shown below.



  1. so now zynga is promoting kami services and bot use :/

  2. Coincidence or pure hasard ??
    I was not participating to this mock, so for those who could think i'm jealous, they're wrong.
    But I 'm noticing the Bigs Winners of this mock are Hots Hats members, at least 6 of them won a prize, i find it funny when we knows Underboss of OMERTA is also Underboss of Hots Hats Fight Club, like by example the better prize has been won by the GM of ..... Hots Hats, what surprise, LMAO


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