Aug 31, 2014

Mexico Request Button Bugs


When District 5 and 6 of Mexico were released there were a few bugs with the mastery popups [1]. These bugs affected all districts in all destinations and it took about a month for Zynga to fix them [1]. It shouldn’t be a shocker that the request buttons on the District 7 and 8 mastery popups and boss fights are the wrong ones and everything is right back where it started. If you are wanting to brag about your progress in Districts 7 and 8 or were hoping to pick up some extra Pesos from your mafias bragging posts you won’t be able to until this is fixed. The correct and working buttons are shown in the first image and the current and broken ones are showed in the next images. You would think since they had to go through the trouble of fixing this that they would have checked before releasing more districts.

Functional Buttons
Broken Buttons

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