Aug 29, 2014

Mexico District 7: Mazatlan


Mazatlan is the 7th district in Mexico. It unlocks once you master the bronze level of District 6. The ratios are getting better but aren’t better than what’s in South Africa. Other than that there is nothing d or very exciting in this district. A walkthough is provided below.

Although there are 10 jobs, there are only 5 job images. I don’t know many players who follow the storylines of anything in Mafia Wars but this one is kind of dull. It’s about 2 double agents who get double crossed and seek revenge.
d71d72d73d74d75The payouts and requirements are shown below. You earn +1 skill points for mastering bronze and silver level jobs, +2 for gold and +3 for ruby level jobs.

The consumables of District 7 are the Insignia Rara and the Backbite. They can be farmed in jobs 1 and 5 and are required for jobs 2,4,6,8 and 10. The best strategy is to farm enough items to master the entire district on the bronze level.
Here are the requirements and payouts for the District. Only the currency requirements and ratios for the ruby level are shown. The jobs that produce consumables are indicated by a check-mark. The total number needed to master the district are in the bottom row. Using Crew Bonuses, 2X Mastery Boosts and Job Help requests will drastically lower the number.

Job Mastery
Insignia Rara [0/0] Backbite [0/0]
1 5% 2.204 --
2 7% 2.257 -- 60
3 5% 2.184 --
4 6% 2.281 -30 68
5 4% 2.225 -66
6 6% 2.282 -- 68
7 5% 2.230 --
8 5% 2.294 -78 80
9 6% 2.267 -48
10 5% 2.334 -114 80

In addition to energy, consumables and currency, you also need equipment to do jobs. The job equipment items for District 7, their cost and number required to fully master District 6 are shown below. Item costs are not the same for all accounts because it depends on the status of the Abelha Helicopter which is the Brazil District 4 mastery item. The ruby level Abelha Helicopter grants a 10% discount on City Store items from any destination. The special ability of the mastery item for District 4 of Mexico will further reduce the cost. The Veloci-dad grants discounts in the Mexico City Store. The costs shown below are from an account that has a ruby level Abelha Helicopter and a ruby level Veloci-dad which grants a 12% discount on Mexico City Store items. The required number of items is the same for all accounts and only the costs vary. You can sell items used in previous districts if you are low on currency. Selling items grants 50% of the original value.
cs1cs2cs3cs4cs5cs6cs7cs8cs9cs10There are 5 loot items which job randomly while doing jobs. Once again Zynga misses an opportunity to keep players entertained. If these loot items were more useful then just maybe players would create goals to max on them. Without great ratios most of these districts are a get in and get out type of thing.
job1job2job3job4job5The boss of District 7 is Santos Vicario. These boss fights are just like the other 6 in Mexico. Players will always ask about combos and the details on how to figure them out are in the links below. The rewards are also the same and include a variety of consumables, boosts, property parts, currency and skill points.

Santos will appear on the Mexico map when he is active or in Diablo Mode.
Normally odd number districts offer a new property. This is not the case with District 7 and we will probably have to wait for District 9 to get the expected stamina producing property. It’s also odd that more levels of the Pasaporte Office have not unlocked. Level 6 (3 stars) is still the highest it can be upgraded and consumables for District 7 are not available. 
The collection for District 7 is the Masked Menace Collection. Items drop randomly while doing jobs or they can be accepted as gifts. You get +35 attack points for vaulting it.
There are only 2 achievements associated with District 7. The Double Vida achievement is granted when you ruby master the district and you get +2 skill points.
Once you beat Santos Vicario 15 times you will earn the Vicario-us achievement, the loot item and loot item +2 skill points.
The mastery item for District 7 is the is the Luchadora. When you master the next highest level, you lose the old item. The special ability of this item is that it increases the damage dealt in Mexico fighting by 2%, 3%, 5% and 7%. Upon mastery of each level you also get 1 Vault Door. Districts 1-5 supply enough Vault Doors to fully upgrade the bank. Any achieved after 20 are just extras and will waste away in your inventory.
The spam items you will see in your news feeds are shown below. Thankfully Facebook kind screwed Zynga in this matter as these items only appear if you select the Game News Feed option. They won’t appear in your regular news feeds or even the Mafia Wars filtered feeds. The Game News Feeds also includes every game that your Facebook friends play so these aren’t nearly as annoying as they were in the past.

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  1. Once you beat Santos Vicario 15 times you will earn the Vicario-us achievement, the loot item and loot item +2 skill points.


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