Aug 26, 2014

Mexico District 7 & 8 Coming Soon


As stated yesterday, new districts for Mexico seemed overdue and were probably on the way [1]. Today Zynga added images to the servers for Districts 7 and 8. Two new districts means 2 new bosses, 2 new collections, new achievements and a property which will most likely offer stamina. We can only hope there will be something else to keep it interesting. Some stamina jobs would be cool unlike the bosses! The Witch Doctor from South Africa called and he wants his outfit back! The job and boss images for both districts are shown below. 

District 7
Job Images
Boss: Santos Vicario
District 8
Job Images
Boss: Maia Tesoro

1 comment:

  1. Thanks, Stacking up money I figured 250k may be enough for 7-11 but just in case I banked 350k from fights. Well at least it won't be like Bangkok. :)


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