Aug 7, 2014

Lucky Streak 11


The 11th Lucky Streak is now available. This is a great event because you will get 10 useful loot items for minimal effort. You don’t need me to write a blog post on how to click a ‘Spin’ button and that’s all that is required. Free spins must be used on the day they are offered or you will lose them (with the exception of the 1st spin). This is the second Lucky Streak to offer skill points as well as loot but free spinners probably won’t get any. The Lucky Streak was introduced a little over a year ago and if you want to have some fun check out the stats of the loot items and you will realize why this event (or any loot item) is not worth spending any reward points on [1]. None of the items I received are even active. Maybe that Game Tester is trying to tell us an Xbox would be a better investment! For a list of the 25 loot items associated with this event, go here.


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