Aug 14, 2014

Level 154,274 Cap Lifted


The level cap of 154,274 has been lifted. At this time I don’t know what the new cap is but you can follow the level leaders on the Mafia Tornado site [1]. This also means that the negative experience bug which affected players who were between the levels of 130,000 and 154,274 is gone. The good news for those who accumulated negative experience is that Zynga converted it into reward and skill points. it was about 3 months ago that players started getting restless about the level cap and I made a post asking for it to be raised [1]. Some of the comments on this post were complaints that I would ask for such a thing as many feel the serial leveling accounts should be stopped. All I can say is that my mini, the players who have been afraid to play for fear of hitting the cap and the 10 players who have bypassed the cap at the time of this post are happy campers today! Thanks to everybody who messaged me and posted on our page.


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