Aug 20, 2014

Kamikaze Crafting Opportunity: 08/20/2014


UPDATE: The offer disappeared in-game after 30 minutes but you can still craft them using the Power Up Merchaant Spocklet.

For the second time within a week Zynga is giving us the option to craft Kamikaze Power Ups [1]. The last offer lasted for 30 minutes and this one will last 12 hours! Since they jacked up the cost by over 10 times what it used to be it’s not as awesome as it could be but it’s something to use those Power Cards on. The Power Up Merchant Spocklet will craft as many as you can in just a few clicks. The countdown timer shown below will expire when the offer does. The option should be available right now but for some reason it’s not. They are either late or they got the day wrong on the notification.

Killer Instinct Last Day Kamikaze Crafting Bonanza : Craft Kamikaze Power Ups (1 for 100 Power Cards) between 06:00 A.M to 05:59 P.M PDT (GMT-7) on Aug 20th


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