Aug 14, 2014

Kamikaze Crafting Opportunity: 08/14/2014 @930AM PDT


In a surprise move Zynga is offering something for players to spend their Power Cards on. During a one hour window players can craft Kamikaze Power Ups with their Power Cards. There hasn’t been an opportunity like this since in over a year [1]. The offer isn’t a sweet as the ones in the past because each Kamikaze will require 100 Power Cards instead of the 8 Power Cards previous offers required. During the Daily Shuffle glitch many players got thousands for free and those were never rolled back [1]. Something to use Power Cards on is better than nothing. Throughout the years I’ve made quite a few whiny posts about the lack of these opportunities. The latest was in June [1]. I don’t think I will use all 20,000+ of my Power Cards as I would like to have some on hand. I could craft 209 Kamikazes but with the cost increase I think we will see more of these. In case you forgot the Power Up Merchant Spocklet will help you craft them without so many clicks. It will self update to include Kamikazes when they are available for purchase with Power Cards.

powercardsLimited Time Kamikaze Crafting Opportunity: Craft Kamikaze Power Ups (1 for 100 Power Cards) between 09:30 A.M to 10:30 A.M PDT (GMT-7) on Aug 14th


  1. Saving up 3000 power cards for stamina refills which may never come

  2. my first thought when I saw that a Kamikaze would cost 100 power cards was "Go to Hell Zynga".

  3. Holy Crap 100 Power Card per Kamikaze! I don't think I'll stay up for this one. 930AM PDT= 200AM South Australia :-(


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