Aug 11, 2014

Goldie Angelo Coming Back Soon


Goldie Angelo joins Silverio Fallaci, Daniella Deuce and Roughhouse Rafael in a series of teasers for what we assume to be the next Family Boss Fight [1]. Goldie was the 16th of 17 Family Bosses [1]. I doubt this will be another individual Lords Of Lesotho or Swazi Smackdown Boss fight Event. I could be wrong but the lack of a new Family Boss is telling. Perhaps the structure will be the same but it will require working as a family to get it done. There is also the fact that Zynga has been on a roll with revamping the Family Module and it would make perfect sense for them to do something different with the worn out and drama causing Family Boss Fight feature. Let’s just hope they wait for the Family Ice Event to expire!


1 comment:

  1. Hope they will be featured on Boss fights in upcoming Districts of Mexico w/ some spots open.


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