Aug 29, 2014

Fireworks Factory


The 49th Global Property and the 44th Limited Time Property is the Fireworks Factory. The ‘Ask’ timers are back to 8 hours. As shown below the updated 2 hour timers were great for the players but bad for Zynga. Limited Time Properties spike the metrics but the Oil Rig didn’t as much as the previous ones so Zynga went back to what works for them despite what the players wanted. The extra day added to the timer was also taken away. You need 471 parts to fully upgrade the Fireworks Factory to Level 15 but the extra parts received as upgrade rewards will reduce the number you need to beg for by 48.  The details of this property and an updated property chart are shown below.

For those who don’t believe in typos it looked like there would be a month long break from the begging action [1]. At some point after we posted about it Zynga updated their erroneous post and pinned it to the top of their page.
Once again we get an event that is nerfred. Zynga updated the ‘Ask’ timers for the Oil Rig from 8 hours to 2 hours and now we are back to 8 hours (which is why we hated these properties to begin with) [1].

If you are wondering why they would do such a horrible things the answer is in the metrics. As you can see during the last Limited Time Property with an 8 hour timer there were more players than with the Oil Rig. Zynga may not have taken into consideration that there was also a competitive family event going on so the fizzle out period we saw with the Oil Rig can’t really be compared to the final days of the Pizzeria.
A smaller nerf from the Oil Rig is the timer for the Fireworks Factory is 16 days and VIP subscribers on the Gold or higher tier of benefits get 21 days. This Oil Rig was 17 and 22 days [1].
The individual parts needed to upgrade the Fireworks Factory are Roofing Sheets, Galvanized Steel and Cordless Drills. Each “Any Part” request will yield 6 parts in the order shown below. You can also make 1 “Individual Part” request and get 6 specific parts. Each type of request can be made once every 8 hours. You can get 4 bonus parts by scanning the news feed and clicking on build and upgrade brag posts.
Here is a closer look at the unique building part for this property. As they say, parts is parts.
The following chart outlines the number of parts needed to upgrade to the next level.

Roofing Sheet [0/0] Galvanized Steel [0/0] Cordless Drill [0/0]Total
level1 1 1 13
level2 1 1 13
level3 2 2 26
level4 3 3 39
level5 4 4 412
level6 5 5 515
level7 10 10 1030
level8 11 11 1133
level9 12 12 1236
level10 13 13 1339
level11 15 15 1545
level12 17 17 1751
level13 19 19 1957
level14 21 21 2163
level15 23 23 2369
157 157 157471

To beg for parts try the Link-a-Nator 2. It auto-updates and is ready to go. The images are static so Don’s Derby is featured but it works for all Limited Time Properties as long as your ask buttons are active. ff7
To track or brag about your progress, use the Beg-o-Meter by Team Spockholm.
When you are all filled up on each part, it’s time to build to Level 1 or upgrade to the next levels. The popup displays the rewards you get for upgrading to each new level.

ff4The final reward is a 50% energy refill and a Shimmer which has stats of 224/310.p17For each upgrade you get rewarded with partial energy/stamina refills and extra parts.  The energy and stamina refills are a percentage of your total energy pool and will go over your max energy if your pool is at 100%. These refills can also be stacked on top of each other but once you level you lose what you don’t use. For this reason you should upgrade when you aren't close to leveling or when you need it to level.

Roofing Sheet [0/0] Galvanized Steel [0/0]Cordless Drill [0/0]
level1 5%energypoint_thumb[3][4] -- ----
level2 6%energypoint_thumb[3][6] -- ----
level3 7%energypoint_thumb[3][8] -- ----
level4 8%energypoint_thumb[3][10] -- ----
level5 9%energypoint_thumb[3][12] -- ----
level6 10%staminapoint_thumb[5] 1 11
level7 20%staminapoint_thumb[5][4] 1 11
level8 20%staminapoint_thumb[5][6] 1 11
level9 20%staminapoint_thumb[5][8] 1 11
level10 20%staminapoint_thumb[5][10] 2 22
level11 30%energypoint_thumb[3][14] 2 22
level12 30%energypoint_thumb[3][14] 2 22
level13 30%energypoint_thumb[3][14] 3 33
level14 35%energypoint_thumb[3][14] 3 33
level15 50%energypoint_thumb[3][14] -- ----

Always share your build and upgrade requests with your mafia so they can collect additional parts. As most know, the game will tell you the limit is 3 but it’s really 4 additional parts you can collect every 8 hours. The timer on these extra parts is a little tricky. They are timed from the last one you collect so if you don’t collect all 4 at the same time they will be spread out over the 8 hour period. Posting multiples no longer works as it was nerfed 7 properties ago [1].

The loot items available for crafting from the Fireworks Factory and the skill points that come with them are listed below.

Levels 1-3: No Skill Points
Levels 4-6: +3 Defense
Levels 7-10 +4 Stamina
Levels 11-15:+5/+6 Attack
By now property upgrade charts are just for laughing purposes. If you like this feature than scrolling through them could be nostalgic. If sorting is desired, use the Property Manager 3. It’s ironic that the most hated feature in Mafia Wars is the one Zynga chooses to keep refreshing.

firewrksfactorycindervest fireant pyrotechnician
oilrigtoolpusher oilslick troubledwaters
pizzeriasleazyslicer pizzaporter deliverygirl
lastresortsaunamaster doctorfish rushedrelaxation
amusementparkringabell paradepenguin bumpacar
stockmarketstocktrader ragingbull stock-er
printingpressrustyshaft newspapertruck pressoperator
diamondexhibit jewelthief whitesmite sterlingshot
icehotel iceslice icesculptor snowbrace
skatepark skatestar crashsliderbrokenskateboard
operahouse nightingale argyleberet concertgrand
donsderby derbyhelmet racehorse derbyrider
greenhouse pollenatoruprooteroldprune
pitlane torxwrench skyhawk motorhead
arcticbase xtremeskigloves acidice arcticexplorer
demolitionlab powerslide fusionbomb demolitionwoman
shamrockpub pintopoison snakeskinvest bareknucklefighter
cagefightarena cageragegloves slashgauntlet cagefighter
hangar prunejuice skyhopper hopchopper
assassinsacademy deathfromafar cornershot assassin
toystore lifesizerobot toymaker
ciderhouse brewmaster cidertruck
cemetary caretaker mummy
botanicalgarden maneatingplant botnist
dojo nunchucks sensi
bikerclubhouse mamacita frontdoor
tadsgunshop fallenangelarm flanger
venetiancondo italianhousekeeper perini-r
sportsbar paddedjersy sportsfanatic


  1. Why is it that "we" hate these? I think this event is great, because it doesn't demand very much from you... you click twice every 8 hours... it may SEEM like hard work for some... but it isn't... it's actually very, VERY easy - plus, you don't HAVE to build these... you can choose NOt to build them...ignore them if you so desire :)

    So, hating this event, has to be something that "the community" or "we" is hyping to force Zynga to do something about it so that "the community" will be happier... but I am happy... and I'm part of the "community" So, maybe not ALLhate these ;) Besides, those who abuses scripts probably don't even need to click them... lol.

    1. The problem is that you have to wait 8hrs before you can click again. This means that, for most players, you can only get in two begging requests per day. With a 2hr limit there was more chance, even with breaks in play, to get 3 begging requests (the maximum per day) so that the property can be finished quicker. It also means that if you take a day or more break from the game you can still finish the property because you get the extra begging chances. With an 8hr timer, miss a few of the chances to beg and you are stuffed!

    2. It is not that we all HATE doing these builds. What many can not do is get in 3 "begs" in the 18 hours. So only getting 2 begs in per day nets 24 parts per day X 16 days = ya dont get enough parts to get the builds done. As you can see each build not only comes with a +6 for the level 15 but also a loot that SOME actually can use to up their mafia att/def.

    3. I never said the 2 hr begging scenario wasn't better... all I said was that this 8 hr begging scenario is not something EVERYBODY hates...yes,it does take a littlework clicking for free parts... (sorry, I mean setting scripts to pick them up) and clicking posts of friends... script users are just so used to having everything done for them, that when they need to actually click something,... they hate it ;) We have had what... 44 of these... and only 2 of them have been with the 2 hr begging scenario... and those who feellike finishing these, will always finish them... but I get why this post was made... to influence Zynga into giving "us" what "we" want ;)

      And with the 2 hr begging scenario,script abusers enjoyed the possiblility to get 4 free parts every 2 hrs... and that adventure is now over... and that upsets those benefitting from that... of course it does... but it is still very doable in 16 days... :)

    4. Heh. This guy (original poster) mustn't have much else to do except build his life around zynga's 8 hour timers. He mustn't need to have to go to work or do household chores like many of us, who only have the opportunity to post twice a day. The timers on the Oil Rig property were perfect. The reason why so many people are quitting this game is because they're sick and tired of all these impossible to complete events, because the deadlines for completion are, for anyone who works and who don't have 5,000 mafia friends in their friends lists, completely UNREASONABLE..

    5. I do have a life... work... and everything else an ordinary person would have in his/her life... I just don't spend time complaining about what I can't do... I enjoy what I CAN do... noone can do it all...and it's not meant that way... but with scripts it is now possible... and stop and think for one second... the thing you claim you hate... spending countless hours on here... maybe, JUST maybe scripts are pushing the events out and making them harder and harder... look at he Slaughter was nerfed again... 3000 pennants... easy as opening your eyes for a level 50,000 with 200,000 stamina and who uses scripts... but what about avarage Joe with his/her level 700 and 3000 stamina... who easy do you think playing this game is for them? and maybe.... JUUUUUST maybe THAT is the reason why many quit... because this game only favors the script users...and this page (which possibly has the power to influence Zynga into helping low levels) won't put pressure on Zynga to get that done... the only ones who can really play this game now is the auto-levelling script users... and the game is designed for them too... the rest can either fall behind... never complete events or quit... and if they come here to put this problem to forth... they are met with comments of whining and that they should quit... not a friendly environment... try and turn things around... maybe the problem here isn't Zynga... maybe it's scripts... and then people complain about this... what about all the other problems in the game script users never see or feel on their own bodies? Noone cares about that...

    6. "... but I get why this post was made... to influence Zynga into giving "us" what "we" want ;)"

      And why shouldn't we get what we want? Some of us are paying to keep the developers on this game EMPLOYED. And this shouldn't be a JOB for us, it should be a GAME that we can relax and ENJOY playing. Isn't that the whole point of playing games? To enjoy and be entertained? To escape from WORK!!??!!"

    7. So much negativity... and using scripts 24-7 is relaxing and fun for you? Can't reason with you ;) It's okay... keep telling yourself that it's Zynga that is ruining this game for us... but I tell you, it's not them... it's the scripts... but you're blind to that fact... and then you get upset and find the game un-enjoyable just because they change something back to the way it's been for years... And what about the things SO many NEVER gets? Why should Zynga accommodate you? They don't accommodate my low leveled friends who can't finish an Ice Season due to low amount of stamina... why aren't YOU in here complaining about that?? Oh wait... because THAT is not an issue for YOU... then you couldn't care less like everyone else ;) but when something doesn't "suit" YOU... THEN you complain... there's a word for stuff like that... ;)

    8. in stead of complaining about script user's join them they r out there for u to down load trust me I felt the same way about using scripts to but then I bit the bullet and down loaded spockholms here and lucifer and I love them both what one doesn't do the other will so give it a try and your crying of people using them will stop. Now there might be other scripts out there that I don't know r even better, wish I did. But as for these property builds every two hours were great u got all your parts needed and never had to miss one even if you did u still had that chance to get them later most of the time I would knock them out in the morning on weekends and be able to leave the game knowing I did not have to rush back to click on the ask button to beg. and then go on my other accts to send my own parts.

    9. I am not in here "crying about scripts" I'm in here trying to make scripts users aware of the fact that there are still people out there who don't use them... and that should be okay too... right? But... Zynga is making life living HELL for those who DO NOT use them... and that's the point I
      m trying to put across here... and this site has the power to change that if sufficient pressure is put on Zynga... like pressure has been put on Zynag on numerous occassions when it benefitted the script users... there shoudl be room enough for both... but the way things are now... script users have ALL the advantages and gets all the rewards from events... Zyngs needs to put events on a gradient so that everyone has the same chance of finishing events... regardless of level, stamina and energy pools... a level 150 with 500 stamian ALSO has to get 3000 pennants... same as a level 150,000 with 500,000 stamina... who do you think will get those pennants AND the awesome RPs and skill points?? But noone cares about this... as long as eveyone gets theirs.. noone cares about those who don't... I'm one of those who DOES care about the small players... and I'm in here trying to help them... they are not whining... they are not crying... they are not complaining... they just wanna be able to do the same as others with what they got... and I for one think that's reasonable... and it won't hurt anyone and it might help keep new and smaller players in the game... it's incrediblly discouraging never to able to finish an event... and get the satisfaction of completing something... but I guess script users just forgot how it was back when THEY were playing maually and with smaller accounts...

    10. And don't get me wrong... I like and prefer the 2 hr begging scenario too... all I said was that I don't HATE properties or the 8 hrs scenario... properties still demand very little effort compared to all the other events in the game (ice events, missions, miscellaneous events) andI still get the begging done. But I would also prefer the 2 hr scenario... 100%

    11. "and using scripts 24-7 is relaxing and fun for you? "

      I don't use scripts do post for parts and to do other things like jobs, etc., thank you. I am forced to use scripts in order to fight and play arena because I'd never complete any of the ridiculous icing requirements put in place by zynga, not the players, if I didn't. Zynga has ruined the game for failing to listen to player feedback, and you're right; there is no reasoning with me or any player who has spent money on the game and is not getting their money's worth from it.

  2. What... are you a shill for Zynga? The 2 hour timer was *AWESOME* for players! It isn't just "clicking twice every 8 hours," and poof, property built. You need to give clicks as well to maintain reciprocity between players/friends. The two hour timer between begs made it easy to ask 3x a day. Moreover, it made it far easier to click on others posts in the newsfeed without worrying about some tit for tat parts arrangement. The 8 hour timer "demands" more effort and planning for individuals. It will also "demand" more RP from players. As for hating the builds, it is the construct *of* the building process that brings the hate. The 2 hour timer was one of the best MW revisions in a long, long time. Every player I spoke to loved it. The 8 hour timer? Not so much. What is better for the player? Being able to max out on prop parts with a very manageable 2 hour timer that allows you to ask 3x+ per day (heck, 3x in a single evening)? Or an 8 hour timer which forces you to either go out of your way to ask every 8 hours (then give clicks), making it very difficult to ask for parts 3x a day (*without* using scripts)? Give me a break. Sure, people can skip the builds, but part of the point in the game should be making it manageable for people to play and enjoy without some maddening schedule. As for scripts, poor decisions like this 8 hour timer roll back encourage script use (not abuse as you term it). Zynga gets a big, fat F for this move. Rest assured, your "happy with the easy 8 hour timer* sentiment is not widely shared.

    -Justinian Caesar

    1. Never said i was happy about it...just said it was easy to click... and some fon't get to finish an Ice Season due tolow stam...and some don't get topost 3 times for parts... what is the difference? There willalways be stuff everyone can't do... but no-one is in here championing the Ice Season issue... no no no.... only what hurts the script users gets a place in here... ;)

    2. What has made you believe that this site has any influence on what Zynga does? They don't care about you or any other player that don't pay big bucks to play this game. People that spend the money to keep the game going don't have the time to go through all that stamina and energy. Scripts are the only way they can play and if not they will stop spending money. If that happens your game is over. In reality all of our games were over when Zynga killed trading and took out a major social part of what made the game great. Hate to break it to you but this game is beyond saving no matter what changes Zynga makes in the future. They ran off millions of players over the past few years by refusing to listen to us and people like the Loot Lady.

  3. The reason zynga has reverted to type on this is coz the script users were finished a week before the end on the last one so zynga made no money from it hence the shorter timer on 3x5 build event doesn't take a genius to work out why.

    1. using a script was not what made the difference on reaching Level 15 with a 2 hour was the 2 hour timer....I would also be happy with a 4 hour timer


    2. So there was no script use when it came to upgrade collecting ????

  4. I knew it was too good to be true... why don't they reduce it to 6 hours?

  5. Why these "extremes"? As if there is nothing between 2 and 8 hours. Even 6 hours would be better than 8.

  6. I say we should just have worldwide Boycott on these prop. Enough is enough. It was nice when they just had the few, but every month now and with all the begging it's crap


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