Aug 5, 2014

Family Ice Event 12 Coming Soon


Loot items for the 12 Family Ice Event have been added to the inventory. With so many fighting possibilities one would think these items could be for anything but there are a few clues. The location is ‘Fighting’ and the stats of the rewards give it away. For the last Family Ice Event the Ruby mastery item was defense with stats of 229/310. The mastery item shown below is attack with stats of 320/239. Zynga usually flips the high stat with every repeat event and increases it by 5 or 10. The big question is will they try to make things more even like we saw with the last Arena Event [1]? It would be hard to limit ices and if they removed Arena ices from the equation fighting as we know it on the fight list would turn to crap. Will they leave it the same and let the script abusing families continue to get the rewards (guilty!) and does it really matter? It’s only a piece of loot. Maybe they will fix the leaderboard and make it show more than 4 places.

Mastery Reward
Leaderboard Reward

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