Aug 12, 2014

Family Business Mission 5 Walkthrough


Thanks to Jo Gilliam, my partner in crime when it comes to Family Business Missions, we can post a walkthrough. Jo and I had a good system for these but Zynga messed with this time by not giving enough notice and not allowing new members to participate. None of my accounts and most of hers were out helping other families with the Family Ice Event so Jo had to did all the work. I had planned on skipping a walkthrough for this event but Jo was determined and got it done. Also thanks to Edward Larsen and Robert Padgett for keeping players updated on our fan page. We weren't sure if there would be a walkthrough and they did a great job of gathering the information needed. The good news is this one seems a little easier than the previous 2 which. A list of all 30 parts to this Mission, the jobs required and the consumables is shown below.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
The 15 jobs required for the Might Path are shown below.

All Jobs 
The good news is that there are only 3 jobs requiring consumables. The ones you will need to farm are shown below. Thankfully there are no Beer Barrels.


  1. Many thanks to the MWLL Gang for getting us the Intel required. Especially which consumables we need most.

  2. I only wish the requirements where this low...

  3. "Edward Larsen and Robert Padgett but keeping players updated on our fan page", did you mean for?

  4. You know why there's no beer barrel job Every day Ive been collecting them since last mission. Twice a day with double loot and have +4000. My Irish luck. You're welcome loooooooooooool.

  5. We've been throttled. We finished the first part/ tier (Might and Muscle sides), and our ices family progress went from 1% to 2%.

  6. which fam size dos these family shown in the post have?
    because our fam have to do more than double of the amount in these pics

    i thought small familys have to do lesser work in the fam business but thats was a only a dream :/

  7. The picture in the part 5 section is wrong. The job listed first Observe your agent snooping around was in tier 4. It should include the job Loot 900 Winnow Wasp from Job: "Use The Owner To Get Past Casino Security". which is job 5 on tier 5.

    1. Thanks, Jo took all the images and then I copied them and pasted them here. I most likely got the order screwed up in the process. I removed the part identifiers and now just have the images of all 15 jobs.

  8. At least getting the rewards is fun but when your family has a ton of inactive players and removing them is just about impossible, at least I get the rewards for me. Selfish? Probably but hey, so far I have completed the first 2 muscle tiers 99% on my own and I am rocking on the 3rd tier. I doubt I will get 1600 Arena Ices and the 700 robbing boards all on my own but it will be fun trying. The might path so far needing less than 50 epaulets to complete then on to tier 3, which should be doable for me within the time period. I just wish the rest of the family would send a thank you for free stuff that I am getting for them. Even the Ice event got to the silver tier 95% on my own.

  9. I might be overlooking it, but which job requires the Power-Upsas consumable? I see them as payout of the 'Sekl power-ups at school' job, but that it.

  10. I'm sure of it. We've been throttled. The amount of family progress we get from Family Business has been decreased.

  11. Bad droprates for the Lot in Part 4 / Energyway where you need to claim the Cat Geckos. Droprate under 8%.
    Hit 11 times with my main, 1 Catgecko dropped.
    Hit 12 times with my mini, 0 Catgeckos dropped.
    If someone call Zynga crazy, i wont call him an Liar
    We are a 8 Members Fightclan. Where we get all this Energy to do such crap ?
    1.13k Energy each click, near each 15k energy drop 1 &¨%$%¨Part ?
    200 Parts needed its about 3 millions of energy :v
    Dream on Zynga. Like this the last playing people get pissed.
    All Zynga cant fix, they call it new feature :P

  12. Holy cow, our family has to get 11,750 ices in SA for Part 5 of this family business. That's insanity!

  13. my family has to ice 10,500 in south africa that a total joke

  14. We are stuck on Icing in Part IV. Having the icing in the same city for both Part IV and V is killing the icing in that area. Insanity!!!!

  15. 8,000 ices in SA is a tough gig. We are only half done. First time we have not finished the Fighting Side of things. Job side not close either. When Zynga takes the time to set up these intricate missions which I might add really bring the family together and working hard. Too bad our stats are not used to figure out our Family Business Mission instead of total red tagged. Even basing it on 30% absent might be the way to go. Piling up the other demands and wasting time developing just does not make sense to me. Let the strong finish fast and let us normal families get it done in the time needed. Instead of families not doing operations, arena crest missions etc. Getting rid of the roulette big mistaked love that part of it the chance to win rp was sweet. Bossfights we do not even attempt need it for our FBM so just another waste of creativity on Zynga's part. Just a thought

  16. There was no way we could ice 10,250 in S.A. with a ratio of 1k of stam = 1 ice. It was a poor mission design to require the entire MW community to fight for ices in the same city and to reach very high numbers! We felt like "Z" threw us a curve ball.

  17. My family has to ice 12,225 times in SA and the loot drops for items in job has been way too low. We could not finish arena because zynga requires us to loot 9800 Knightfall. We came up with 1895 so far. We finished one Mexican job this morning. However, two jobs are not done because loot drops are too low and because it requires at least 1K in energy for some players and consumables. In addition, some players did not reach Alamo district in Mexico yet.

    I think zynga is reconfiguring Family based on families of whose members who are VIP players (ones who pay monthly fees for membership and those who are premier members gets the lowest requirements). Players in my family are real people who play MW for free.


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