Aug 5, 2014

Daniella Deuce Coming Back Soon


Yesterday we were told that the 2nd Family Boss was returning to Mafia Wars [1].  Today there is another post on the Mafia Wars fan page and this one features Daniella Deuce [1]. Daniella Deuce was the 9th Family Boss and was released in December of 2012 [1]. Based on this information I suspect the Family Boss Fight as we know it may be replaced with something else. Perhaps we will have a variety of bosses to choose from. There must be a reason that Syd Slaughters replacement hasn’t appeared yet.  Will they remove the Bruiser Boost and the Rage Meter so people will fight the bosses and not with each other? There have been a total of 17 Family Bosses and it’s hard to predict how many will return. Maybe they all will!


1 comment:

  1. I think the line "Could she have a doubles partner?" suggests a tag-team Boss Fight


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