Aug 8, 2014

Challenge Mission: Isle of Wright


Zynga lacks so much creativity that when it comes to Challenge Missions they just use names of jobs that already exist. We used to get brand new locations for these and they were much more fun than the version of the feature we see today. If you played over 3 years ago you probably haven’t forgotten Challenge Mission: 50,000 Feet [1]. It’s bad to constantly get repeated features but it was fun to get something with a different name. Those who bother to read the job titles of the Challenge Missions have something to laugh about. The 4th job of the Chapter 3 has one retiring to the Isle Of Wright. They got it ‘wright’ in District 7 of London but failed miserable in this Challenge Mission. If they aren’t going to bother coming up with new job names the least they could do is proofread the ones they copied. Perhaps Challenge Mission: Isle Of Wright could be next one! Thanks to Jo Gilliam for noticing this as it’s worth a few laughs. 


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