Aug 25, 2014

Cartel Clash Day 3 Results


The 3rd day of the Cartel Clash is over and this time the Diablos Syndicate was the winner. Like the previous day, there are were more ices than the day before and the scores are still fairly close. The Diablos were about 3 million ices ahead and this has been the largest gap so far. I suspect we will see fewer ices today since both sides have experienced winning and losing. If the theory that Zynga wants to keep this a close race is true than the Diablos should win today and the Russians can take the day off. Win or lose this is still a pretty easy event. If you stay on the same side all 5 days and can get 500 ices a day (which anyone knows how to build an account and run a script can do) then the rewards versus effort ratio is pretty good. Thanks to Thunderbolt Strike from the Vgttt Family for the last minute Day 3 screen shot.



  1. I saw very little encouragement from the blues last night. It was as if they took the night off so blame yourselves if there is a so-called epic battle. If no one wants to try until the last day then why bother?

  2. I honestly thought we were going to win 3-0...

  3. How nice to know that i picked the wrong side, didnt think people liked the russians, so guess next time i also need to like them and join their side lol.
    Just hate that i picked the wrong side, but then again, the winner only gets a loot and some kamikaze, which i dont need, the arena stamina refill is nice, but i rarely use that also, but it could be nice to for once be on the winning team 1 time.

  4. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that zynga is controlling this event.Ices do not count when your fighting or in arena so why even do it the counter will still keep going on what zynga wants to happen.Who cares who wins.Everyone will get something anyway.It's zynga's way of getting people to spend thats the bottom line


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