Aug 24, 2014

Cartel Clash Day 2 Results


The second day of the Cartel Clash is over and the Russian Alliance won by only 850,000 ices. The numbers and surging patterns were very odd today. For most of the day the Diablos Syndicate was ahead. Around mid-day the Russians were outpacing the Diablos but all of a sudden the Diablos surged ahead and it looked as if they would be the clear winners. In the last hour the Russians gained ground and surged ahead. There are all kinds of conspiracy theories going around and unfortunately there is no way to prove any of them. It makes sense that Zynga would want to keep the numbers close so that players would spend reward points. There were about 10 million more ices today than there were yesterday. The result banner shown below has a scroll bar on the bottom and all rewards for the event will go there. I edited the image below to show the tally for reward points. If you were on the winning side and you completed the 500 Ice Don’s Challenge you got 2 times the loot and reward points.



  1. Blue won by 860,000 and not 86,000 ices... it's close to 1 million ices difference... t shows "Millions" - "Hundred thousands" and "Ten thounsands" 34 million, 500 thousand and 90 thousand ices (34.59M) versus 33 million 700 thousand 40 thousand (33.74M)

    1. "Russian Alliance won by only 850,000 ices." thats what it says!
      What are you smoking lol.

    2. Her initial post said 86,000 ices... she changed it after I had made this post... so, not smoking anything, Professor Dumb. And read my post troll... it says Blue won by 860,000 and NOT 86,000... which indicates it said 86,000 in the initial post... go find something useful to do, why don't ya, LOL

  2. i wonder if a lot of yanks did choose the none Russian side and are boiling in their anger and hatred?

  3. Its a fix I hate the russions

  4. funny as it shows on my end the Diablos are winning


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