Aug 20, 2014

Cartel Clash Coming Soon


Something else ‘new and exciting’ is coming to Mafia Wars [1]. It would be much more welcomed if they would remove the old and boring but they seem to think we enjoy struggling with old worn out events as they throw something new our way. We are still coming off the learning curve of the updated Family Boss Fight and soon there will be something called Cartel Clash. This could be be a revamped Family Battle and maybe the two families are yours and your opponent. The blue and red color scheme matches that of the Mob Fury Arenas and the characters are in a capsule resembling what our characters sit while fighting in Arenas. Perhaps this is going to be another type of Arena. It could be another begging event where we need to acquire parts for our favorite cartel. It could even be some type of voting event. There are many possibilities from the information given. There is so much going on and we expect new districts in Mexico to unlock as well. If they would like to see us excited about a feature than they should wait for all the current events to expire, let us be bored for a few days and then release something new. It never seems to work out that way.



  1. sounds like Bangkok

  2. mybe should be a event based on mock war like the last of omerta V

  3. Bejeweled Blitz of Zynga version contest on Family groups that can rack up highest points to win the grand prize. It sure will make things more fun, esp. as a new crossover game.

  4. It's a simple icing event (fights and arena) with some rewards tacked on - the Russian Alliance is currently winning - surprised so many selected that given Russia's current global situation!

  5. there are private messages going around from some of the big hitters to make sure they all join the same side and therefore make sure they win every day without changing sides. looking at scores Id say they are all joining Russian Alliance.
    No doubt Zynga wont care as they seem to pander to these script users.

  6. Looking at these posts I am glad I picked Russian Alliance. As you loose the chances of doubling rewards if you switch, and given you have to pay to switch most I would think will stay on the same side throughout the five days. Basically after day one who ever is the winner is likely to be the winner the other days. Anyone joining will probably see that and automatically join that winning side further increasing the chance that that side wins everyday. I have told all my family which side I am on and hopefully they will all join too.
    I think it would have been better to have it renew each day, i.e. make a choice each day, taht way the outcome would be a lot more unpredictable.
    p.s Love the fact that you take time do do these posts, keeping me informed. Keep it up and bo**ocks to all those whiners and complainers.
    I dont have an account to sign in so have to be anonymous buts it John.


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