Jun 5, 2014

VIP Platinum Benefits Coming Soon


Zynga wants to make sure we know that Emerald is not the end of the road when it comes to the VIP Membership Program. The next level is Platinum. Titanium is stronger than Platinum and Emerald seems like it should have come after Ruby. When we thought Ruby was the last tier, many players cancelled so Titanium, Emerald and now Platinum came after the fact. As long as players stay subscribed, I don’t think Zynga cares what they are called. If Poop is better than Platinum then some players won’t give up until they get there. At this time we don’t know anything more than the next Harbinger will be the Harbinger of Annihilation and has impressive stats of 646/646. Because the odd number of the stats currently match the other Harbingers, they will probably start going up each week until the Platinum benefits arrive.



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