Jun 8, 2014

The Angel's Gaze/Wrenched Apart Challenge Mission Bug


Zynga may not realize it but there are currently 2 loot items in play for clearing robbing boards. Due to the Challenge Mission: Brazil players are awarded 1 or 2 Angel’s Gazes for every robbing board they clear and because of the Mexico Boss Fights a player who robs in Mexico and has less than 50 Wrenched Aparts in their inventory will get 1 or 2 for every robbing board clear. The tricky part is you can't get both and by default the Wrenched Aparts are granted. There is a conflict of interest here and some players are literally getting robbed of their 20 Angel's Gazes per day. This wouldn't be so bad if the in game tracker wasn't telling compounding the issue. The obvious workaround for this is not to rob in Mexico but if you didn’t know any better (as most of us wouldn’t), you get hosed. For every Wrenched Apart that is counted on the tracker, there is one less Angel’s Gaze you can acquire. In the example below, I cleared two robbing boards in Mexico (one with a Rob Squad and one without) and earned a total of 3 Wrenched Aparts. You can see I have 0 Angel’s Gazes for the Challenge Mission even though the tracker says I have 3. To avoid this bug you have 2 options. One is to rob anywhere else but Mexico and the other is to fill your Boss Fight Ammo queue to 50 Wrenched Aparts. They are giftable so this shouldn’t be too hard to do. Thanks to Mark Sowton for pointing out this bug on our fan page. Sadly for those who learned the hard way, it’s too late unless Zynga extends the timer of the Challenge Mission to make up for it.



  1. I have been gifting Wrenched Aparts from the beginning, since they turn into Blue Mystery Bags after the 50 mark for the WAs. If my mafioso needs one, he gets one.If not, he gets a BMB, Because I always seem to have 50, I would never have noticed the bug. The reason I don't rob in Mexico is because no pesos drop there..

  2. That's probably why I didn't notice.. I was trying to finish up the SA achievement for robbing 5000 times and was robbing in SA. I'll continue to do so until it's done. Thanks!

  3. I get my angel gazes from robbing elsewhere and wrenched apart from robbing mexico. No es problemo.

  4. you do not get angel gazes from robbing in mexico anymore


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