Jun 3, 2014

Family Ice Challenge Item: Plasma Blade


3 days ago we were told about the Family Ice Challenge (an event within an event) [1]. We weren’t told what the ‘exclusive’ loot reward would be but were told it had stats of 328/232. It just so happens an item with stats of 328/232 was added to the inventory today so this must be it. Michael Spead made me laugh when he suggested that the item would be called a Script Abuser.

Family Ice Event Challenge: Earn a total of 200,000 Ices as a Family before May 31st 23:59 hrs PDT(GMT-7) and get an Exclusive Loot (328A,232D) on June 4th.


  1. Well, Script Abuser should be a henchman? LOL! Maybe later.

    1. lol! no way! A Script Abuser should be a machine..ie: a weapon :D


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