Jun 2, 2014

Brazil Mission Bug Persists


As many learn the hard way, the old Mafia Wars Team left over quite a few bugs for the new Mafia Wars Team. New players are hard to find and unfortunately these are the ones who discover bugs from long ago yet most of them aren’t eligible to contact Customer Support. I’m not sure what these players are supposed to do to bypass bugs that hold back progress. The property bug from years ago still persists [1]. Although we have a workaround, players who don’t follow any 3rd party sites may not know about it. The bug shown below has been around since Brazil City Missions were released over 3 years ago but there isn’t a work around that we know of [1].  Players like Leon Zheng who submitted this bug to the Player Support Site over a year ago are still stuck. This is unacceptable as those with technical issues need a way to contact Zynga directly. Those of us who had this bug in the past had to go to Customer Support and now not all players have this option. Zynga should focus on fixing the bugs that hold players back if all players can’t contact support.



  1. I guess they want to force them to buy one month of VIP? But I don't think people realize they get access to customer support by buying VIP unless they learn from experience or someone (3rd party sites for example) tell them. Zynga really does help kill the game by cutting off all support to a certain class of customers. At a minimum, they should take messages and reply with an automated message directing them to 3rd party sites and the option to buy VIP (or a trial?) to get access to additional help

  2. I know a few with this issue, but not vip so can't do much about it. Can't even buy it off with rp to get to the next task *sigh*

    Thanks so much for bringing this up!


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