Jun 7, 2014

Arena Happy Hour: 06/07/2014


There will be an Arena Happy Hour today starting at 10AM PDT and ending at 2PM PDT. You must be in the Shootout Arena to receive the guaranteed 1st place ratio which is about 2.32. If you aren't going to be online, make sure you adjust your scripts as most set them to Mob Fury Arena due to the better overall ratios for places less than 1st.

Arena Happy Hour: Fight in Shootout Arena between 10 AM and 2 PM PDT (GMT -7) on Jun 7th and get max XP to stamina ratio irrespective of your position.


  1. A countdown timer would help

  2. Is happy hour only for shootout arena?

  3. does it really matter? 2.3 instead of 2-2.3 exp return for a few hours


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