May 23, 2014

What is the Tilde Symbol?


It seems some Mafia Wars players need a basic lesson about a certain computer symbol called the tilde (~). Although the tilde has many uses, it’s common use is to replace the word approximately. For more information than you will ever need to know about the tilde symbol, go here. Now to the reason a post about the tilde symbol is being made. The Energy Rush brings us the opportunity to collect 50 Mystery Energy Gifts per day but in true Zynga fashion there isn’t a way to tell exactly how many you have amassed. The only tracking Zynga provides to players was a graphic progress bar which contains no numbers. Eyeballing it wasn’t ideal so players asked if Team Spockholm could count them. Since the exact counts aren’t provided anywhere, Team Spockholm did their best to estimate. As explained in a post about the feature, the progress bar width from 300-500 has the space for 100 but a range of 200 [1]. What this means for you is the number is an estimate and therefore a tilde symbol precedes it. It could be off by +/- 1. Sadly is was -1 and many freaked out. Don’t feel bad if you were one of these players. I would be mad too if I believed Zynga screwed me out of a gift  What I and most others wouldn’t do is go on a self-righteous rant accusing Team Spockholm of being wrong because you didn’t know what the tilde symbol meant. If you want to make sure you collected 50 for the day, click on them until you get a message saying that you can not accept anymore. Also remember that this event was released at 6AM PDT so there are actually 12 daily gift accepting opportunities so you can miss 100 and still master the event [1].



  1. i guess u did not get it, it is not about ~
    it is about that many players do not get any gifts back!
    rolling tears about the exact # is more less "zynga drama"

  2. I saw some of the rants and thought...sheesh...get over yourself and read the darn blog about how the spocklet works


  3. *self-righteousness ;)

    1. lol, thanks. Damn spell check, it's only good when you pay attention to it.

  4. oooooooooohh! Public service and sarcasm all in one post. Go Jen :)

  5. If people hover over it, it tells you that as well.


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