May 8, 2014

Welcome To Mexico!


Mexico is now available and so far looks like a replicate of South Africa with a small twist. Instead of a Bonus District there are Boss Fights which randomly drop and can not be ignored (we will post more about that at a later time). Just because Mexico is unlocked doesn’t mean you can go right to it. It’s a multi-click process which starts out as a popup when you arrive to Mafia Wars. All players get 100 Pesos as a token of Zynga’s appreciation. The rest of the process and an overview is shown below. The very detailed FAQ on the Customer Support page can be found here. We will post walkthroughs, script guides and strategies throughout the week. For faster updates or to ask questions, visit our fan page.

Once you ‘Travel to Mexico’ you will be greeted with the splash page and then it seems you can enter.
But wait there is more…If you collected Pesomystics and Crew-D Gestures you will get your rewards..and then click continue.
You’re not there yet because now you have to navigate through..The Map! The first district is Tijuana and the boss is Vidal Salazar. Click on his mug and you can finally do jobs!
The jobs don’t appear to be as high of energy as we say in South Africa. They are based on your level and the account below is in the highest bracket.


  1. does this mean no 11th district or 5th property in SouthAfrica

  2. It doesnt work very well I am constantly sent back to chicago and by the time I get back to mexico any money I had is gone, same with boss fights once it finished it seems to hang sometimes and before you can bank any money loads gets lost in fights

  3. There goes what was left of the interest in Family Business.

  4. No 1000 pesos for mastering Unbound And Unrepentant. Still shouldn't be surprised I guess.

  5. Same here, no 1000 pesos for bothering with Unbound & Unrepentant.... I guess that was Zynga....

  6. 1 more step to make it to an double fulltime job.
    Lost 650 ATT and 650 DEF as i quit the VIP
    Stopped to buy 3000 RP per month.
    This fulltime job lost the fun.
    As more cash you spent, as more bullshit they do to get more.
    Badest Ratio and #$%_)( Bossfight with very, very bad ratio makes the game unplayable. The time we played to get fun are over. Today you have to pay to get angry and nervous. I get better things to do. Buyed some packs of basic food and sent it to poor familys. Poor Zynga just piss me off, so i think my money is better with poor people. It gives a good feeling. Think after so much years, and so much spended cash, its time to block that shit.

  7. When / how do the 2nd and 3rd Combos open for Boss fights in Mexico? Killed 1st Boss (Vidal) and no additional combos opened. Anyone please?

  8. Don't let the door hit you in the ass!!!!

  9. I fought and won about 25000 fights, but only received credit for 640! Yes I was in Mexico and yes, my opposition was too. I'm guessing things are a little off atm...

  10. Yes, oh yes we can avoid the "bosses"! When he pops up, it's only for an hour. I go do something else, come back he goes away. Yay!

    I don't know what it's like to fight him, I like it when I get to decide when to fight. For now, I'm avoiding him .

  11. I noticed the Boss fights now need an item only gained in the Arena. I don't play in the Arena and won't so I wonder just how hard it will be to beat these bosses with attack alone? They have bee forcing the Arena on us since it's inception and soon my make it impossible to play without going there. That's when I'm done.

    1. It didn't seem difficult the beat the boss using only stamina in Tijuana. As for the ammo items, I'm not sure which you mean that is "only gained in the Arena?" ... There is a machete of sorts, but it can be won in fights.

  12. You can get 3 items out of arena. If you have stamina packs use those to go in the arenas after you burn your energy/stamina from leveling. Worked for me, I don't frequent the arena either. Here's the combo for 1st Boss Vidal Salazar. Hope it works for all.Wrenched Apart,Bottle (dont know the exact name), dagger & Wrenched Apart is the red combo for me.

  13. Try going to arena when you exhaust all your energy/stamina and have a stamina pack available every 8 hours. This is the only way I enter arena, its a waste of resources. !st district boss Red combo is wrenched apart, bottle (not sure what the name is), dagger &wrenched apart. Hope it works for ya'll.

  14. I use chjcago to fill up my health,after I level up then i go to arena and do the shootout at 500 stamina and after is over, I usually between 25- 50 per round.

  15. Mexico boss combos can be unlocked by finding the correct sequence, like the previous bosses.

  16. Can anyone post the combos or is there a way to find out for ourselves?

  17. Is there an easier way to find out the combos for the bosses?


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