May 16, 2014

Welcome Back Notification Gift: 6 Back Stabs


The notification gift for the day is 6 Backstabs. I stopped posting these daily gifts on the blog as our admins post them on the fan page daily but I will only only mention them if a new item is added to the line-up. In case you forgot (I had to look it up), Backstabs are Family Boss Fight ammo. If you still aren’t getting notifications for these gifts or the links don’t work, go here for instructions on how to adjust your settings. For a list of all the possible daily notification gifts, go here.



  1. I have adjusted my settings over and over on 1 account and still don't get these. The box for notifications has been on since I created that account well over a year ago and have never gotten a single notification. Not sure how many times I need to adjust it.

  2. I dont get them, I have changed the settings ages ago but still not getting them anyone know why?


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