May 9, 2014

VIP Loot Generation 26


The 26th generation of VIP is finally available. Zynga was so late with this refresh that they had to make a special announcement prior to it’s release [1]. Nine days into the month is the longest stretch we’ve had to wait since the inception of the program. Better late than never and the attack henchman should calm angry subscribers. The items shown below are now dropping from jobs, fights, robs and Arenas. The high stats range from 231-233, there are no overlapping categories and all in all it’s a good update. The big question is has the late release thrown off the update schedule or will be see generation 27 and the beginning of the month like we normally do?

All Levels vip1 vip2 vip3
Silver+ Levels


  1. If points get any lower for VIP, then why should we even pay to be VIP?

  2. Maybe somebody should point Zynga to the fact that Mafia wars peaked at 18+ million players when the only destination was NY and there was no fancy stuff.

  3. Inactive useless crap


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