May 7, 2014

Unbound And Unrepentant: Keep Going?


We are well into the 9th day of the Unbound And Unrepentant Mexico Pre-Release Event. By now many players have over the required number of items for mastery (500 of each) and wonder if they should keep going. For the Lord Over London and Dust To Diamonds Events for London and South Africa there was nothing extra to be gained by having more [1], [2]. Both times the rewards were granted upon the first visit to the destinations and there was no longer a use for them. 200 of the items did count towards a crew based achievement so if that number is greater than 500 in Mexico it may be worth it to keep collecting Crew-D Gestures [1]. If you don’t like collecting items than it’s probably safe to stop. If you are paranoid that Zynga will deviate from this pattern than keep on keeping on!



  1. I'm not posting, but I click other peeps posts

  2. Mayo de Chumpo.

  3. There is probably a delay because of the family inheritance extra time. It costs nothing to collect and ask for loot just a couple of clicks so click away lol

  4. There is probably a delay because of the family business extra time ?


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