May 2, 2014

Unbound And Unrepentant Image #4


For those collecting the maximum number of Pesomystics and Crew-D Gesturesmage for the Mexico Pre-Release Event, gold mastery and the 4th image should now be had. The previous 3 images and possibly the 5th image which, if like South Africa, will be the home page background image for Mexico [1]. For a walkthrough of the Unbound And Unrepentant Mexico Pre-Release Event, go here.

Image 4
I assume this tatted up body belongs to one of the guys Mexico property instructions page or maybe it’s Mike Nestor.
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 5 (Predicted)


  1. So I forgot how this works. So once one gets the max number of these 2 items they get the loot and Mexico money and get in Mexico when it opens. If one decides not to collect these 2 items to any level of mastery, thus foregoing the loot bonus and mexico cash, do they also get into Mexico when it opens?

  2. Street gangs are notorious for their tats and some of the most violent in the South-western states are often depported to their home countries where they have reformed their cells and recruited more members there. These gangs are hardened crIminals who are almost always involved in violent crimes, kidnappings, drug running and prostitution.


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