May 27, 2014

Sky-High Marketplace Promotion


The Sky-High Marketplace Promotion is now available. At this time there are no discounts on reward points or Game Card redemption bonuses but the will appear during a few days of this sale which lasts through May 31st. The loot items and best deals are shown below. 

Like always, tick marks can be earned by purchasing things inside of the Marketplace that cost 5 reward points or more (not counting Treasure Chest Keys or Skill Point Reallocations). The only exceptions to to the ‘inside of the Marketplace’ rule are Lucky Streak spins, Collectable Stat Cards and Arena Stamina Refills. Make 5, 10, 15 or 25 qualifying purchases to get one of the mastery items shown below plus 2 skill points for silver, 3 for gold and 3 for ruby. You can only get 1 item per round of 25 as the highest tiers of mastery replace the lower tiers. You do get to keep all the skill points.
mp12 mp5mp6mp7mp8
The best bang for your buck are Desperado Crates which are on sale for 6 reward points each. If you buy 3 at a time you only get 1 tick mark so it’s best to buy them 1 at a time.
The 4 Limited Edition/Limited Time items are shown below. Once the promotion expires they can no longer be purchased.


  1. If you can serial level for quite a few levels, stamina refill is your best option as you'll get most of your rewards points back

  2. They had desperado crates for 50% off - 6 gold coins. If you look at T & C as well, I believe energy refils should also count but not 100% sure


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