May 1, 2014

Murder Mystery 7 Day Deal Promotion


In the nobody cares category of Mafia Wars, the crime themed 7 Day Deal we told you about here is now available [1]. This one is called Murder Mystery and is the 31st promotion of its type.  Each ‘Deal’ costs 45 reward points and comes with 1-7 of each item(s) featured in the deal as well as skill points. If you purchase all 7 deals, you will end up with 28 loot items and +28 skill points for a total of 315 reward points. If you don’t plan on purchasing all 7 deals then the cost per item increases and you are getting an even worse deal. The promotion will last through May 11th. With a new destination on the way I can’t imagine why anyone but collectors would want to spend their reward points on this.

To see the deals before they unlock, use the ‘Click here’ link.deal9
The explanation of how the feature works is shown below.
Here is a closer look at the loot items. deal1 deal2 deal3 deal4 deal5 deal6

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