May 10, 2014

Mexico District 3: Chihuahua


District 3 of Mexico is Chihuahua. It unlocks once you master the bronze level of District 2. This is the last unlocked district and we will have to wait for Zynga to progress to the next levels. The details for this district are shown below. Hopefully better ratios are on the way and until then, it’s back to South Africa.

The job payouts and requirements for each level are shown below. You earn +1 skill points for mastering bronze and silver level jobs, +2 for gold and +3 for ruby level jobs.

The consumables of District 3 are the Voice Box and the Guiding Light. They can be farmed in jobs 2 and 5 and are required for jobs 4,6,9 and 10 . Like District 1, the jobs which make these items require currency so you need to have Pesos on hand to farm them.
Here are the requirements and payouts for the District. Only the currency requirements and ratios for the ruby level are shown. The number of consumables are the same for all levels and the jobs that produce them are indicated by a check-mark. The total number needed to master the district are in the bottom row.

Job Mastery
Voice Box [0/0] Guiding Light [0/0]
1 5% 2.095 --
2 4% 2.119 -48
3 5% 2.080 --
4 7% 2.208 -- 15
5 4% 2.101 -42
6 7% 2.233 -42 15
7 4% 2.136 --
8 4% 2.136 --
9 7% 2.280 -60 15
10 6% 2.323 -78 17

In addition to energy, consumables and currency, you also need equipment to do jobs. The job equipment items for District 3, their cost and number required are shown below. Item costs are not the same for all players because it depends on the status of the Abelha Helicopter which is the Brazil District 4 mastery item. The ruby level Abelha Helicopter grants a 10% discount on City Store items from any destination . The required number of items is the same for all accounts and only the costs vary. You can sell items used in previous districts if you are low on currency.d3equipment
There are 5 loot items which job randomly while doing jobs. If they help your scores today they won’t in the very near future so I wouldn’t concern myself with trying to max on them. The drop rate is very low. drop6 drop7 drop8 drop9 drop10 When you bronze master the first job you will unlock the Pasaporte Office which offers consumables. More details on this property will follow in a future post. mexicoproperty2d3prop d3prop2d3prop3
The collection for District 3 is the Desert Green Collection. Items drop randomly while doing jobs and you get +35 health for vaulting it.
d3collectionThe boss of District 3 Igon Reyes. There will be more on how these boss fights work in a future post.
d3bossd3boss2The District 3 related achievement is the Desierto Sting which is earned once you master the ruby level.
d3ach1 If you mastered Districts 1 and 2 you will also get the Ariba-Ariba achievements after each level is mastered.
d3ach3The mastery item for District 3 is the is the Flying Mule. When you master the next highest level, you lose the old item . The special ability of this item makes your Marksman bonus count for 3,6,9 or 12 more fights. As we’ve demonstrated in the past, the MarYou also get 1 Vault Code per level and those are used to upgrade the bank which will also be addressed in a future post.

d3silvermastery d3masterygold d3masteryruby

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