May 8, 2014

Mexico District 1: Tijuana


District 1 of Mexico is Tijuana and can be found on the far left of the map. The good news about the Mexico Map is there aren’t individual district maps so navigation is easier. Just click on Tijuana to begin. The energy requirements aren’t that high but having enough currency to do jobs and buy equipment items is a pain. It’s not easy to farm consumables as the jobs that make them require currency. Once you get a system down it becomes easier. The details of this district are shown below. Districts 2 and 3 will be posted in the next few days.


The job payouts and requirements for each level are shown below. You earn +1 skill points for mastering bronze and silver level jobs, +2 for gold and +3 for ruby level jobs.

The consumables of District 1 are Riata Rope and Golden Stash. Riata Ropes can be farmed in job 2 and required for jobs 3,6 and 9. Golden Stashes can be farmed in job 4 and are required for jobs 8 and 10. The bad news is that the jobs which make these items require currency so you need to have some excess Pesos to farm them.
Here are the requirements and payouts for the Tijuana. Only the currency requirements and ratios for the ruby level are shown. The number of consumables are the same for all levels and the jobs that produce them are indicated by a check-mark. The total number needed to master the district are in the bottom row.

Job Mastery
Riata Rope [0/0] Golden Stash [0/0]
1 6% 1.946 --
2 6% 1.954 -24
3 9% 2.143 -- 12
4 5% 1.980 -30
5 5% 2.041 --
6 9% 2.116 -- 12
7 5% 2.095 --
8 8% 2.181 -30 13
9 8% 2.183 -- 13
10 7% 2.233 -48 15

In addition to energy, consumables and currency, you also need equipment to do jobs. The new job equipment items, their cost and number required are shown below. Item costs are not the same for all players because it depends on the status of the Abelha Helicopter which is the Brazil District 4 mastery item. The ruby level Abelha Helicopter grants a 10% discount on City Store items from any destination . The required number of items is the same for all accounts and only the costs vary. You can sell items used in previous districts if you are low on currency.
Mastering the 1st job on the Bronze level unlocks the Hacienda which produces Pesos. More details on this property will follow in a future post.
There are 5 loot items which job randomly while doing jobs. If they help your scores today they won’t in the very near future so I wouldn’t concern myself with trying to max on them. The drop rate isn’t that great anyways. drop1 drop2
The collection for District 1 is the Filthy Rich Collection. Items drop randomly while doing jobs and you get +30 energy for vaulting it.
The boss of District 1 is Vidal Salazar. There will be more on how these boss fights work in a future post. 
bossdistrict1bossdistrict12 The District 1 related achievement is the Oro Digger. You get it once you master the ruby level.
The Tijuana mastery item is the Family Matar. When you master the next highest level, you lose the old item. The special ability of this item is a 5%, 10%, 15% or 20% increase in required loot drops. I assume ‘required’ means the consumables and not the job items shown above. You also get 1 Vault Code per level and those are used to upgrade the bank which will also be addressed in a future post.


  1. Golden Stash is used in Job 8, not 7 (verified by the images for the various completed levels). As a result you only need 13 for each level and not 20; the grand total will be 112.

    1. Thanks, I fixed it :) That's what I get for going to fast. Not much time (or interest) for Mafia Wars anymore.

  2. So far I have enjoyed the Mexico district. I like having to move around the jobs to get pesos and spend pesos to advance. It's a challenge, as games should be. My only complaint was the slow speed at which splash screens disappear. Like the one announcing the Boss' appearance. He popped up just when I was about to bank. By the time the game responded, I'd been robbed of everything. My Diablo time was also delayed by this.

  3. Thanks for all the detailed info! I like that it's similar to South Africa but has that random element in the form of that 'henchmen boss fight' every so often.

  4. getting cash is easy, keeping it is the hard thing. I do jobs (even in diablo mode) and gets say 2500 peso by the time the bank has popped up and I click to bank it says banked 7 peso as the rest has been lost in fights. This is happening a lot of times making it difficult to get enough cash to do the jobs or buy the consumables needed for the jobs.
    John MWars Smit(AKA A1guv)

    1. I've had the same issue with losing my money due to fights. I learned to do the mission when my health is under 20 then banking it.

  5. we are not getting too much chance to farm these consumables that the bosses require. If Zynga is trying to get me to spend RP's to kill the boss, then Zynga needs to try another way to get my hard earned RP.

  6. To the guy above who keeps losing his cash. I started the new country dead. went to my city store and bought over 100 of everything to burn my 100,000 starting cash. I have that cash safe. Every time the banks full buy more. You can sell them if needed - 50% of 100,000 is better than 100% of nothing.

  7. How did you get 100,000? I didn't even get the 1000 peso earned by collecting before the district opened.

    1. I was wondering the same thing...100K??????

    2. I was wondering that too.... 100K??? perhaps someone that lies, cheats, or doesn't actually pay attention to what they are doing. I did get my 1,000 for Ruby mastery but would have loved 100,000. lol

  8. So helpful. TY J <3

  9. Ruby level job cost your nrg x 1,4!! How thats even possible? If I take nrg boost I´m still 600 points short.

  10. Random accounts are Cash loaded....


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